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Monday, 14 July 2014

Vixen & Blush: Hair Extension Salon London

Now that the wedding season is here come Summer, there's never been a better time to indulge in a full set of hair extensions. For hair that's fuller, has more texture and comes in a bespoke blend of colours, hair extensions are the most common route to achieving that luscious celebrity like locks in a matter of hours. Vixen & Blush is the new quirky hair salon in London that's been receiving a tonne of appreciation by press and bloggers alike and I can definitely see why. 

With two locations in Clapham and Shoreditch, it's very likely that the staff and owners can give personal attention to clients and look after their bespoke needs. Housed in cute, dinky locations, the salons are just perfect to serve hair styling needs and leave clients looking dramatically different when they leave a salon. Isn't that what we all look for? It's so pointless when at times hairdressers simply do not bother to experiment or go bold with the clients hair, making them appear pretty much the same as when they stepped into the salon. 

With professionally trained, well educated and highly experienced management at hand, I quite like how meticulous Vixen & Blush are when it comes to giving attention to detail and scoring those extra brownie points when it comes to client satisfaction. They constantly keep themselves updated with the latest techniques in the hair extension industry and make sure they are only using the best quality of natural looking hair available. 

So if you have a wedding to attend, be it your own as a bride or as a guest - hair extensions are a foolproof way to revamp your tresses in just one salon visit. It's the perfect solution for those who simply do not have the patience to grow out their hair but still want to play around with some length. As for those of you who would like Cheryl Cole like volume in their locks, hair extensions can help you achieve that almost instantly, without the need to spend time, effort and money on hair growth serums that may or may not work. 

You will be surprised as to the fleet of celebrities who rely on this hair styling trick for fuller looking locks. With advancements in technology and the quality of hair available, it's just a matter of finding a good hair extension salon that helps you achieve that 'au naturale' look without it looking gaudy. Whether you are looking for fixed or clip in hair extensions, a custom blend of 3 shades to match your hair colour or a flattering hair cut to frame your face, Vixen & Blush can help you achieve that with ease. If you are a regular extension wearer and rely on cheap DIY high street alternatives that need high maintenance and add extra bulk to the crown area, it's time to upgrade ladies!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Hair Loss Supplements - How to find the perfect one

Hair loss is a difficult issue to deal with. It's a two way sword with sufferers taking extreme stress and anxiety due to the hair condition and that resulting in worsened hair loss. I guess it's the inability to rely on a particular hair growth product that's usually the main reason for all this stressing. I personally suffered from minor hair loss due to psoriasis and the situation was so helpless until I found the right products to stop it. Of course topically applied medicine can help to an extent but what I found was that consistent diet high in vitamins, folic acid and antioxidants paired with effective hair supplements were the key to getting hair loss to stop gradually but surely. 

I also found that genuinely well researched online resources on hair loss were few and the only ones that I could trust were those written by bloggers who were willing to share their personal experience of the journey. I came across a similar blog recently and was hooked there for hours on evenings with a cuppa. It's called and is written by Emily who herself suffered from severe hair loss post-pregnancy. One can immediately tell from her work that a lot of research has gone into it. In particular her section on hair loss supplement comparison. 

Now there's huge debate regarding these on hair loss forums with people writing paragraphs raving or trashing a particular brand. The problem that arises in this situation is that these forum users have usually only dealt with one or two hair loss supplements at the most, which is never enough to base your opinion on. Like everything else, hair loss is also quite an individual issue and what works for someone may not work for you at all. 

Emily of on the other hand has tried a whopping 13 hair loss supplements, the most talked about in the market. On her article titled '13 Hair Loss Supplements Compared', it's quite interesting how she's compared all thirteen in an easy to digest manner, with their pros and cons and why they did or didn't work for her. Her article is quite educating especially if you are someone who easily gives into hype and big brand names such as Inneov, Pantagor and Priorin, which according to Emily, are overpriced and under deliver. The unsung hero's of the hair growth process are Amitamin Hair Plus and Hair Vitalics by The Belgravia Center. 

Her thoughts on Amitamin Hair Plus review are fabulous but in short, it contains 21 researched ingredients, is free of artificial colours and flavours and comes in at £.061 pence/day making it affordable, effective and the perfect choice for those who want to trigger hair growth. Whether you're suffering from post-pregnancy hair loss, alopecia, hereditary hair loss, diffuse hair loss or circular hair loss, check out Emily's Amitamin Hair Plus experience

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My Current Celebrity Hair Crushes

This lady here, never fails to impress. Of course she can stick to her traditionally pretty looking, flawless, voluminious locks. But I love the fact that she experiments so frequently and isn't afraid to push boundaries. Having said that, it's genius how queen bey's style is so wearable and relatable, hardly ever too edgy, daring or rebellious like Rihanna's. These super long braids have recently been my favourite look of her's before she set off on tour this year. The overall effect is just so laid back, low maintenance and boho-chic for Spring/Summer. It contrasts so well with her super chic and structured outfits and looks flattering with flowy maxis. If you can find a good afro hair salon, you can replicate Beyonce's braids too!

This gorgeous dame here is someone I (and the entire world) am obsessed with. She's simply so relatable and I love watching her interviews. She's just so much at peace and carefree and her personality surely captures your first. Although in Lupita's case, it doesn't hurt to have flawless skin and inspirational hair. Her no fuss attitude to hair is to die for. She loves to style it in different ways but always keeps it natural. The most I've seen her experiment with it is via a tint of purple colour for a red carpet recently. Although I love my long hair, I feel she's the only celebrity that can pull off the short bob look the best in my opinion. She's the perfect example of ditching those weaves and hair extensions and going au naturale once in a while and accepting your natural hair texture, quite brilliantly. 

Gina Torres is a well known face but to be honest I've only ever seen her on Netflix in Suits. After back to back episodes of the cult-favourite law drama, it's simply so hard to ignore her character 'Jessica Pearson', her styling, hair and make-up. She's usually seen with glamorous curls, waves, a Kate Middletone-esque blow dry or sleek, straight hair, depending on the season you're watching. Her face shape and features just make her pull off all these hairstyles and more with so much ease. If you are ever planning to get a hair weave done at an afro salon, she's the perfect hairspiration to keep it natural, polished and chic. Nothing over the top or difficult to sport, simply perfect for all occasions and outfits. 

Nathalie Emmanuel is a British actress who I've recently had a girl crush on via Game of Thrones. It's quite obvious that 'Khaleesi' has beautiful tresses and we all know how the ethereal platinum locks are all faux. But Nathalie playing her helper since season 3, has made me take more notes of her hair instead. It's simple and untampered keeping in mind that Game of Thrones is set in the 'olden' (read mythical) days, however the texture of her locks, those tight spiral and voluminous bunch of tresses that have been given the most flattering cut in history are effortlessly stunning and frame her delicate, baby face almost in a customised manner. Of course that coppery colour with hints of honey and caramel is something you can definitely show hairdressers at an afro hair salon to replicate the youthful look. 

Friday, 27 June 2014

L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre 2 Brush-on Dip Dye

Like skinny jeans, I have an undying love for ombre. A walking ambassador for the hair colour trend that's been doing the runway rounds since 2012, I can talk you into getting a dip-dye done in 5 minutes. Having experimented with various products, salon based and drug store ones for achieving this sun kissed hair look, I've finally found one that I can rely on and recommend without thinking twice. It's the cult-favourite L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre 2 Dark Blonde to Medium Brown

I believe this comes in 3 shades or intensities if you like and you're meant to choose one based on your original hair colour. Now, I have used the Wild Ombre 1 in the past, which is for light brown to dark brown hair and it hardly showed up on my pitch black hair and rather with some pesky brassy hints to it. I opted for the kit aimed at lighter hair this time and voila, it worked much better at achieving the results I wanted. 

Pure dark blonde, caramel like locks with hints of honey in it but seriously, no orange mess at all. If you have Indian hair, you'll know how painstakingly difficult it is to get it to change pigment. This one however worked like a dream. I left it on my hair for about 45 minutes and voila! I noticed the hair looked lighter over the next few days, which is always a bonus so don't judge it on the very day you colour it. 

The brush that comes with it of course makes the entire process a whole lot easier. You wouldn't want chunks of concentrated colour and unless you're a pro hairdresser, the brush will help with separation and even distribution. The kit is bleaching your hair at the end of the day so do expect a bunch of dehydrated tresses, however nothing that cannot be solved by slathering a good hair mask on the ends. 

For £8.29, the kit will save you tonnes on a salon trip and maintenance. If you don't get the colour you want in the first go, simply re-do with the kit a few weeks later and you'll see a difference. I also used an ash blonde hair colour to add more cool tones to my locks and followed up with a violet shampoo to tone down any brassiness and maintain the colour. Reviews for those to follow up soon!

Monday, 9 June 2014

How to Stimulate Natural Hair Growth

Scalp Massage. The rhythmic movement of fingers tapping on the scalp is the most easy and convenient way to get blood flow directed slowly but surely towards the scalp. Increased blood flow and oxygen flow can help kick start dormant follicles and slow hair growth, as blood hardly reaches the scalp when not indulging in a scalp massage. A great one for those with normal, dense hair who simply want to speed up hair growth. 

Derma Roller. This handheld device with needles is meant to trigger hair growth by stimulating hair follicles. Particularly useful for those who are suffering from bald patches, receding hairline and wide parting as rolling the device to and fro, diagonally can help with stimulating natural hair growth. As always, causing  'trauma' to the scalp area causes blood flow and oxygen supply to rush through the are like never before promoting better hair growth. 

Hair Mask & Steam. Steam is another way to open up hair follicles and allow haircare products to actually penetrate into the scalp to deliver results. A good old hair steam on the scalp area can help reduce congestion of follicles due to using shampoos, conditioners and other hair styling products, allowing the scalp to breathe. Followed by a nourishing or clearing hair mask, scalp can be rejuvenated and energised for thicker and faster hair growth. Particularly useful salon treatment for those with scanty, limpy hair.

Cleansing/Clarifying Shampoos. Product build-up can indirectly have a negative impact on hair growth. Months of using shampoos containing harmful chemicals can cause a build-up not only on your tresses but also clog up your scalp. This can prevent hair from growing as effectively and quickly as it would otherwise. Just like how skin needs to be cleansed, similar hair strands and follicles need to be clarified. 

Haircut. Something as simple as a professional salon haircut can take the weight off your scalp. If you suffer from excessive hair fall, a good old haircut can help lighten those locks and allow more movement and flexibility. A haircut can have a massive effect on how much stress you are putting on your scalp. Opt for layers and feathers that will help reduce hair fall and consequently improve hair  growth. 

Friday, 16 May 2014

Label M Texturising Volume Spray

If you've got a sensitive scalp like mine that's waiting to erupt in an unexpected flaky mess, you will know how difficult it is to use hair volumising powders. I used to swear by my all time favourite OSIS and always had a back-up in my handbag for on the go hair volumising emergencies. Yes they exist. It however took me a very long time to realise that it wasn't suitable for my poor sensitive scalp and left it extremely itchy, flaky and red. 

I couldn't find anything to replace the beloved Schwarzkopf production and for the sake of my scalps health and to avoid any more hair falling due to that, I had to compromise with the volume around the crown area and started living with limp hair. Can you imagine the stress it must have caused to a hair obsessed person like me? 

Only recently during London Fashion Week did I come across this baby and oh boy is it a gorgeous formulation or what. It was apparently responsible for all those high barnets you must have seen strutting on the runway this season. What I love about this is that it doesn't come in contact with the scalp at all. Because it's in a spray format, it works pretty much like a texturising powder but without having to rub it into the roots. 

I've tried many volumising sprays before and nothings worked as good. Sprays most often don't work for me in the volume department but this is an exception that I will have to re-purchase once I'm out of it. It creates immediate volume around the crown area also works to add a dash of oomph on the tresses. 

So if you're looking for that hair va-va-voomer for this season, give this one a try. It's perfect for textured up-do's, beehive buns, beachy waves or just to mimic a back comb effect around the crown area. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My first try with co-washing: Macadamia Flawless Cleansing Conditioner

Air Dried Hair After Co-Washing

I had heard of co-washing before but thought it was just another trend that I could let pass by me. UNTIL, I came across this beauty from Macadamia. I've tried Macadamia's hair products before and they have always impresme. They are simplistically packaged and work to the point, frills free. 

This is their all in one cleansing conditioner, that promises to de-frizz unruly locks, inject just the right amount of hydration, smooth split ends, nourish the scalp and cleanse the hair. Did I think it would do all that on my tangled, thick, hot mess bunch called hair? Nope. I was surprisingly proven wrong as it worked freaking fantastically. 

Having never missed conditioner or shampoo in my hair wash ritual till date, I was quite excited to see how one could work without another. The cleansing conditioner is mousse like formula. I tried it out on hair that hadn't been washed from two-three days, giving it the ultimate test. The mousse like formula that hardly lathered was quite unusual to scrub through the scalp and initially didn't give me the satisfaction of cleansing my hair at all. 

I have to admit thought, the process is shortened by leaps and bounds as it's only one product you have to worry about. Great for holidays, gyms and long weekends.After letting the product sit in my hair for a good few minutes and an attempt to massage it into my locks, it was time to finally wash it off. I was obviously hoping to go in for another session with a real shampoo and conditioner but surprisingly enough, I didn't have too. 

Hair felt cleansed, hydrated and glossy. Drying time was also reduced by half somehow which I was quite pleased with as I tend to air dry my hair and usually have to wait ages. In fact the ends of my hair looked much healthier than usual and didn't even require any hair serums. I personally suffer from a very sensitive scalp that doesn't get along with most shampoos due to it's harsh soap content. This was kind and gentle to the skin on the scalp and did not cause any itching or sensitivity at all. 

A 90ml bottle retails for £7 and lasted me roughly 2 weeks with consistent use. I personally would use this for travel because it's incredibly light due to the mousse like formula, will not leak or spill in baggage and will avoid the hassle of stuffing in two hair products. Two thumbs up!

New Hair for the New Season

Now that Spring's almost here and bouts of Summer are starting to crop through with surprising showers of sunshine every now and then, it's time to revamp those tresses and get ready for the new season. The warmer months bring along with them a tonne of fun festivals, days at the beach and exotic holidays abroad, which undoubtedly calls for a style swap when it comes to make-up, fashion and hair. 

The easiest way to revamp your hair for the sunny months is via a good old wash, cut and blow dry of course. Nothing beats the feeling of freshly cut hair that looks voluminous and feels bouncy when straight out of the salon. Ditch those layers and feathers and opt for a same length haircut that feels modern and looks runway inspired. For a more interesting touch, opt for some wispy front fringes to switch things up a little or a dash of sun kissed, pastel colour shot through the tresses for a boho-chic look. Whether you have Indian, Brazilian or Afro hair, it's easy to incorporate a variety of hair cuts, styles and colours these days via extensions and weaves, so all you need is a trusty hairdresser. Find afro salon reviews at

If you're someone who doesn't want to deal with the hassle of artificial extensions or weaves, then 'au naturale' hair can be salon treated to give you a good hair day, everyday. From Brazilian Blow Dry's, Keratin Treatments to hair relaxing treatments, it's never been easier to alter the texture of your locks. These treatments of course contain chemicals which means you'll need to take extra care of your hair after but as long as you've chosen a great salon to do the job for you, the after care is half done! These hair relaxing treatments can be a huge plus to get done in the warmer months when humidity and unexpected rain can easily turn your hair into a frizz ball in no time. 

Hair styles are also a low maintenance and convenient way of revamping your tresses for Spring/Summer. Switch up your hair style to a low, slicked back ponytail or a textured top knot to emphasise a change in your look minus any long term commitment. Temporary hair dyes available in a vast array of shades also allow experimenting with colours before you bite the bullet and opt for a permanent one. 

Whatever route you choose to spice up your hair for the new season, do check out salon reviews at and share your salon experiences, both good and bad. 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Nicky Clarke Desired Rapid Heat Roller System

This is such a cool invention! I mean can you imagine carrying your big box full of heated rollers with you on holiday? I cannot seem to store it properly in my dinky room let alone toss it in my already crammed, overpacked travel bag. 

This clever system on the other hand resembling a gaming joystick from the 90's is here to make va-va-voom curls on the go, simple for us. Instead of the entire box of rollers that gets heated, you can heat up individual rollers one by one, as and when you need them. 

The entire process is shortened considering that it only takes 30 seconds for each roller to heat up before you can plonk it in your tresses. I personally am rubbish with roller placement so 30 seconds is in fact less than enough for me to get it sitting perfectly around the crown area. 

So basically next time you travel, you only have to take the base unit with you, a few rollers and glamorous hair issues will be sorted! The set comes with 6 rollers in different sizes and a tonnes of pins to hold them into place. The rollers have a nice, velvety finish to them and they are kind to the skin and scalp. No tugging, pulling or burning. 

This is also perfect if you only want to add volume around the crown area. Simply heat up three rollers and place them in a row on the top for a Cheryl Cole like bounce. Retailing around the £80 mark, it's slightly pricey but considering how it's significantly less bulky compared to it's counterparts, it makes it worth the price. 

Friday, 4 April 2014

Derma Roller - A Hair Loss Cure?

Hair loss can be a worrying issue for many - men and women alike - and seeing that millions are affected by hair loss, hair thinning, bald patches, receding hair line and Alopecia globally, it's always great to come across something that promises a cure. Derma Roller is one of them. 

The simple handheld device uses techniques similar to acupuncture to enhance skin's natural healing abilities. The rolling motion of the needles in the Derma Roller promote greater blood flow to the surface of the scalp. This in turn boosts the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles which has a direct effect on hair growth. 

Apparently, even collagen and elastin production in the scalp area is given a kick start, leading to the appearance of fresh new skin. All those miracle hair growth products that we invest in also tend to work better with derma roller as it increases absorption rate, giving you better value for money when it comes to hair growth serums. 

People who have tried Derma Roller, 2.0mm needle size or under with topical hair growth products have witness stabilised Alopecia over a period of time. A little research online will illustrate how some hair loss sufferers like to cause some bleeding on the forehead to see dramatic results but I wouldn't suggest that in any way. 

More frequent derma roller sessions, with a moderate needle size and bearable pressure is more than enough to show hair growth on bald patches over a period of weeks. Like anything else, consistency is the key and not giving up is essential. Derma Roller sessions can be carried out at a professional clinic but for at-home use, needle size of 2.0mm and below is FDA approved. 

Have you tried Derma Roller for hair loss? Would love to know your thoughts! 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Body Shop Hair Chalks

They are the latest hair phenomenon of the year and the first time I'm trying it out which is uber exciting! Now I'm not the bravest of all when it comes to experimenting with hair colours which are permanent but when it comes to temporary wash-out options, I'm all ears. Especially if it's pink and I am planning to rock an ombre with it. Coloured highlights never tempted me and nor did full hair colour. Ombre however, I feel will simply never go out of fashion, like skinny jeans and Starbucks you see? 

The Body Shop do really simple hair chalks in two primary shades and clam they'll work on all hair types. These are simply coloured powder for the hair and I've heard you can replicate similar results with a spare eye shadow but I personally would opt for hair chalk if I were you. After being super sceptical on how the colour would translate onto my black tresses, it was quite relieving to know that it actually worked pretty well. 

Of course you'd have to keep in mind that the ends of my hair were previously ombred to a golden brown colour hence the end result was more of a pastel, dusky sunset pink on me, which I absolutely loved. On pitch black hair that hasn't been coloured however, it came out to be more of a lavender-ish pink, which still looked pretty cute. 

Overall the hair chalks are pigmented and would need to be sealed with a hairspray if you want them last overnight and not stain your bed sheets or clothing. It's a bit of a mess to apply so wear disposable gloves if possible and prevent brushing your hair too much after application, do all that jazz beforehand. If you've always wanted to try a pastel pink ombre after lusting at uncountable tumblr, pinterest and instragram pictures, then this is the perfect way to indulge in the trend minus the commitment.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

T3 Straightener: SinglePass Professional Straightening & Styling Iron

The ceramic plates of this iron are infused with tourmaline during the moulding and baking process and not just the fake coating like other straighteners but the entire plate is made out of Tourmaline which effectively works at making the hair glossy and mend split ends with use. The bevelled edges also help create a flawless curl and beachy waves with ease. It has heat adjustment settings and a pink power button which contrasts with the white and black glossy exteriors. 

I personally prefer the T3 Straightener over the GHD as it helps reduce flyaways and frizz. Created by an Engineer named Kent Yu, it contains a microchip brain which constantly measures and adjusts the temperature of the plates.for accurate and consistent heating. This prevents overheating the device and damaging hair unnecessarily. I was amazed to find out that you can dry the hair from inside out with the straightener, keeping in mind that's it's not soaking wet. Guess what, it actually worked straightening damp hair without creating that sizzling sound like your hair's on fire. Impressive eh? Saves time for all you lazy asses out there!

Although a powerful and effective device, it neither will give you poker straight hair, nor will it have your head wrapped around in ribbon curls in a jiffy. It takes it time at giving smooth results which are modern and easily wearable. So if you like polished straight hair that resembles a blowdry and tousled beachy curls that are fit for SS14, then this would be right up your street. I personally love it as it doesn't drag down my hair as GHD did. 

Available to purchase at, check it out for sure!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

KIKO Restorative Hair Serum

I always felt hair serums had hiked their prices lately considering how the blogosphere was obsessed with miracle hair oils and all that jazz. KIKO's Restorative Hair Serum comes like a breath of fresh air in it's original serum like formula. I have enough hair oils to last me a life time so can brands get back to making good old serums please?

Being excellent at make-up and skincare, I was quite surprised when KIKO ventured into hair. It's quite a tricky area to be good at isn't it. It's really hard to please the consumer when it comes to hair styling products as opposed to make-up in my opinion. Thankfully, KIKO have nailed it. With their formula and price both being their USP, there's no stopping them.

They have various kinds of serums for different hair types. Mine's for dull, damaged and stressed hair which describes my locks precisely. It contains Vitamin F that restores hair fibres making tresses stronger and less prone to breaking. Also contains antioxidants which we all know is great for hair, skin and the body. The serum has a light texture in that it doesn't just sit on top of the hair greasily but rather absorbs in quickly, giving hair a salon like sheen and gloss.

I'm not sure about how repairing the serum is but I find it excellent for styling, hydrating and adding a quick hint of gloss to the locks. It works quite well at detangling and mending those splitends superficially. Originally for £12.90, it's currently on sale for £4.90 which is an unbelievable price. Grab it is what I say!

Friday, 31 January 2014

Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum - Tried & Tested!

I thought I'd review this particular hair serum after I had used it up completely to fully form my thoughts on it. However, quite a few people have asked me by now what I feel about it. Although a 'hair growth' serum which is actually quite a big claim to make cannot be judged by using it for just a few weeks, I thought I'd jot down my first few thoughts on this so called magical potion and what better place than a blog post to do so.

So first off, you can look up the scientific bits yourself as I'm not the best at explaining them in detail. What I could understand from what I read is that it contains Hyaluronic Acid which we all know would work in this instance to hydrate the scalp and improve any chapped, flaky situation. It also contains the wonderful ingredient collagen which promotes skin cell renewal and shedding of any unwanted, dead skin cells. Meaning new skin on the scalp is produced more often consequently promoting thicker, faster hair growth.  

What I've noticed so far is that my hair has been falling off less since using this serum. Apparently it has ingredients that makes the hair anchor well to the roots and this is something I have been looking for in hair products since years, hence that's surely made me happy. I also noticed my hair looks slightly more fuller and thicker on the whole. Something I've been trying to achieve using this and avoiding heat tools and hair volumising powders which I'm addicted too.

I can't comment on longer hair as that's something I've never had a problem with. I personally am only looking for thicker, fuller and stronger hair which I believe this will help achieve, give it one or two months. I think I'll have to get my hands on another bottle to see how the experiment works.

Also, this is from the makers of Fountain Hyaluronic Molecule and Hand Chemistry Hand Cream, both of which I absolutely adore. I will surely give you guys an update with some images of my hopefully thicker mane when I'm done using one bottle. But for now, I highly recommend you incorporate this in your haircare regimen if you're trying to improve hair growth.

The thin serum is easily absorbable and feels just like water on the scalp so no sticky or greasy residue. Having said that, it's not all roses as you do have to wash your hair if you plan to go outside. I really wish it was a leave-in formula and I could walk out of the door with this slathered all over my tresses while I got on with the day. On the whole, just run to Boots and try this out will you? For £30, it's a steal.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Lotsa Luxe: Virgin Human Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions have come a long way since when they used to be synthetic. Do you remember the time when artificial hair extensions were uber popular and how people use to sport the overtly glossy and fake looking tresses? Since the past few years however, advancements in technology and consumer demand has lead to an increase in human hair extensions especially Indian and Brazilian hair as they are considered to have the best form and density to blend in seamlessly with natural hair.

Lotsa Luxe Hair is a US based retail and wholesale supplier of virgin human hair extensions and lace wigs and I decided to write about them as they are very consumer centric, which is highly necessary in this type of service. Hair is quite a personal thing and they work hard at ensuring consumers receive only the best and are fully satisfied with how the extensions look and blend in with their natural hair.

I also liked the fact that they have unprocessed virgin Indian hair, Virgin Remy Indian hair, Virgin Remy Mongolian Hair, Virgin Remy Brazilian Hair in a variety of colours and textures. This means they come to you in their natural state without any tampering done to the roots or ends. So whether you are suffering from hair loss and want some extensions to temporarily make up for hair volume whilst you treat the problem or simply want fuller, thicker hair for a wedding or a special occasion, these virgin human hair extensions are versatile enough to adapt to a variety of consumer needs.

The hair extensions are also available in different types such as machine weft, hand tied, clip ins, keratin fusion and micro ring strands. I believe these different have to do with how the extensions are tied in with your natural hair and how they will flow once on.

Keratin fused hair extensions are small bundles of hair that have been coated in keratin protein to form a tip at the top. They are currently the most popular amongst professional hair dressers I’ve heard! What’s more, they ship virgin human hair extensions worldwide to individual clients as well as hairdressers and salon owners, so if you’re interested head over to for a gander.

Oh and if you’re new to the world of human hair extensions, Virgin Remy hair actually means it’s of the highest quality. It’s because it’s raw hair directly collected from the hair donor and the cuticle hasn't been acid stripped. This gives it natural movement and prevents it from tangling. They also do lace wigs which can actually be custom made if needed. If you’re thinking of dipping your feet into hair extensions in the new year or want to update your hair extensions to a better quality, check them out for a huge variety. 

*sponsored post

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tommy Guns Weather Protect Dew Drops Serum

Tommy Guns haircare is simply underrated. I remember trying out some shampoos and conditioners from their range before and being blown away by how fantastic and salon like they were. Well they had to be as Tommy Guns have fantastic salons and I am still raving about the one I visited in Soho 4 years ago! Need to make a trip back there soon. 

Coming back to the Weather Protect Dew Drops, I feel like this is just the thing you need in the rain, when locks feel dehydrated in the winter or if like me, you are trying hard to stay away from heated tools. I cannot explain how well this works because it's got a little bit of that hairdresser from the salon magic to it. Instantly coats the hair in shine and not just from the outside, it makes it more bouncy and healthy feeling. Almost adds that touch of sleek you want especially when bombarded with flyaways, baby hair and frizz. Not glamorous eh? 

This hair transformer has a unique scent to it which simply reminds me of 'salon hair' and that's all how I can explain it. You know when you come back home and that fresh, polished scent you have lingering in your tresses? The one you just cannot replicate at home no matter how many 'salon' plastered shampoos you purchase? Well, here it is finally. Now all you'll need is a dapper blowdry and a neat trim to make you feel like you've had a hair revamp. 

With much difficulty, I attempted a heat free week for my hair and the above products alongside the Weather Protect Dew Drops were just so kind to help me look polished and need minus the 200 degrees of hair tool heat. These are my must-have, holy grail, can't live without and all that good stuff.