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DHC Astaxanthin - All-In-One Collagen Gel

If you're a regular yogi, have your next hydra facial appointment booked and eat clean like there's no tomorrow, you most probably don't need help in the skin department. But for mere mortals like us who indulge in a pizza and Netflix binge ever so often, keep reading.

Did you know that when antioxidant levels in your body are lower than that of free radicals, the temperamental immune system is overloaded and ageing occurs much quicker? When you're eating whatever comes your way and the word 'detox' is alien to you, antioxidant levels in the body can get sparse. Now of course food and exercise is a more solid way of upping your antioxidant levels but why not opt for a more holistic approach and get those antioxidants coming in via skincare as well.

DHC's collagen gel contains a super antixodiant called 'Astaxanthin' that's apparently 6000 more powerful than Vitamin C. Wowza! Astaxantin is great at retaining moisture in skin, maintaining elasticity, protecting it from sun burn and sun damage and consequently leaving skin looking supple and youthful. If you have a look at reviews for this product, you'll be surprised to see so many positive ones and you'll start questioning why you hadn't come across this before. I'm not quite sure why I'm writing this post after months of using it! Maybe because the thought of repurchasing it crossed my mind recently.

A peachy coloured product that appears like a thick cream and spreads on skin like a gel. Once applied, it feels like the skin absorbs it instantly and as you massage it in for a few seconds, there's an evenly distributed film of hydration. There's a glow like you've just drenched your face with tubs of moisturiser. My skin feels supple instantly. Effectively, it's a night cream due to its rich texture and the way it wraps skin in a cocoon of moisture but I also use it as a day cream and it works in harmony with my make-up.

If you're in your early 30's and like me are concerned about ageing but don't want to invest a tonne of products and time into preventing it, get DHC's Astaxanthin. It's one of those potent products that will recover skin no matter what its condition.

You can buy it at Escentual for £40 or check out Lookfantastic who currently have it on offer for £30.




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