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Dyson Airwrap - Hairdresser in a box? ***NOT SPONSORED***

In short, yes. Now sit back and relax while I form my opinion on this product in this very blog post.

We’ve established that I’m obsessed with hair. No tools in this universe are ever enough for me. Like lipstick addicts who find every shade of red to be different, I find every tool delivers a different result. And like all lipstick lovers, I love all my hair curlers and tongs equally. I mean my desert island pick would have to be Nicky Clark’s diamond shine styling wand but there’s literally no hair tool in my vanity that goes unused.

I’m really not an impulse buyer and like to talk myself out of every Charlotte Tilbury purchase and Lisa Eldridge recommendations but when I saw this appear in my IG explore, it’s all I could think about for days. I couldn’t find very many reviews online as it’s fairly new so I thought I’ll just try it for myself. After being disappointed by constant out of stock messages on Dysons website, there came a magical day when there was availability. I parted with £400 and days later here we are.

The Dyson Airwrap 'Smooth +Control' version I bought comes with a couple of attachments including a hairdryer, 30mm and 40mm barrels and a firm smoothing brush. Although this makes a one-off investment, Dyson should have offered an option to purchase the curling barrels separately as that’s what I was after in particular. I was impressed with the initial look and feel of the case and contents. There’s no skipping on quality at all and it all looks and feels quite opulent. First thing that took me by surprise was how loud it was! It’s just as loud as the cordless Dyson hoover which instantly removes it from my list of items to use when the hubby is asleep.

I started playing with the hairdryer first and it takes hair from soaking to silky in less than 60 seconds. Perfect if like me you decide to wash your hair 30 minutes before you leave on your daily commute! For someone who air dries hair normally, this is impressive and a good enough reason to convert. It felt light in the hands and there was less frizz than the usual dryer.

Next up, I tried the heated brush straightener attachment, which I really need a proper name for. Now because I have coloured hair which has been exposed to chemicals, it doesn’t leave my hair poker straight like shown in Dyson's promo videos but tame enough from the top and more put together at the ends - enough for an off-duty kinda day. You can switch the heat on and off with all attachments which is quite handy. Use the heat to style hair and the cool air to set it. I don’t think I’ll be using this attachment when I use the curler as I would want to curl my hair damp.

Coming on to the last but much-awaited attachment, the reason why this product is called Air Wrap - the curler. I was actually quite pleased this came with two barrel sizes. I expect choices when I pay this much money :) The 30mm barrel is great for a tighter curl that lasts longer and particularly for around the crown area and smaller sections. The 40mm barrel is perfect for bigger, more Farrah Fawcett kind of curls. Using this attachment properly is a learning curve and it honestly doesn't cut down on the time it takes to style your hair. It was quite weird for me to get used to the fact that I don't have to wrap my hair around the barrel and twist etc as it does it all for you!

5 tries later, I have almost perfected how to use it properly. I still need to give it just as long as a blowdry would take in a salon, i.e 20-30 minutes for results that last all day long. If you do this in a hurry, i.e. less than 15 minutes, the results will look amazing for a couple of hours and the curls will start to drop. Just think of it like a salon blowdry, you sit there patiently don't you? Well, give this time and you can replicate a salon blowdry with chic, effortless and modern curls which are soft and bouncy. It will actually make you question how 'artificial' curling tong results look like. Also, the immense volume this gives without using much product is insane. You may need to tame the frizz around the crown area a little when using this.

And now, to the ultimate question of whether the curls last. I mean there must have been like a trillion google searches for this. Heck, that's the first thing I googled before buying this. No, they don't last as long as your traditional curling tong. There, I said it. I think it's because the heat used here is comparatively less and secondly because most of us will not use it on damp hair as advised or leave enough time to use it correctly. When I use this quickly in under 15 minutes, the results are instantly amazing but open up in a soft, wispy curl later in the day. Having said that, I don't use any hairspray to set it which I think would help with longevity. More importantly, it doesn't compromise on the volume in the crown area and how well it holds the ends, it's the middle part of the hair which looses the curl.

Do I regret buying the Dyson Airwrap? No. It's luxurious, futuristic, adds variety to my styling routine, doesn't give me an unnecessary arm workout and lets me achieve a voluminous, salon blow-dry at home.

To all those people online saying this is the price of their two car instalments? I don't have a car, am quite happy with my TFL/Uber arrangement and would rather spend on salon-like curls, thank you.

Do Dyson need to improve it. Yes. Think of this as Apple's second iPhone and a few years later, how brilliant iPhone 5 was. This is a state-of-the-art product that Dyson need to bring out more versions of that straighten out all the kinks and create a cult following.




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