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Corkscrew curls for £20 - Lee Stafford Chopstick

Hi ya'll!

I know it's been a while. Life took over, soz. But I am happy to report I missed this and I'm back :)

I like talking about my hair and I believe you guys like hearing about it too so here we go. I had like every possible curling tong size made in my collection, you know those 19mm's and those 32mm's for all you geeks out there. Those clipless kinds and those conical kinds. Those that leave your hair with a 'diamond' finish and those that heat up to a borderline dangerous temperature. After hopelessly obsessing over Sarah Angius's IG, I finally found a need for this particular tong in my life. Now I'm not sure what she uses to achieve that soft looking set of corkscrew curls but what most people suggested were brands available outside of UK or over £200 which I wasn't willing to fork out.

After digging a little, I found this gem and you've got to have it in your life. Yes, the curls are difficult to pull off, especially if you have a chubby, square face like mine but what the heck? Just pair it with a crop top and jeans and voila, you'll look uber chic! It's seriously so much fun to play with these curls and just get all those stares because they surely don't look natural on me, hah. Okay so back to the tong itself, it's called 'Lee Stafford Original Chopstick Styler' and you can get it at Argos, Superdrug, Beauty Bay, Debenhams and 25,000 other places. Honestly, the first time I unboxed it, it looked so flimsy and hopeless but funnily it's a winner in disguise. The look requires effort and will take you around 45 minutes and more regardless of your hair length. But expect the curls to last you for days and it works brilliantly for top knots, top knots half down and with a smoking hot balayage.




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