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LQ Liquid Advanced Skin Care - The Final Verdict

Expensive creams keep our exterior skin in check but what about the depleting nutrients needed for skin cells to heal and grow? Collagen is the queen of all proteins that keep our skin looking youthful. Those obsessed with anti-ageing lotions, need to actually replenish collagen levels along with specific vitamins, acids and minerals, to delay the signs of telltale ageing. Now, I have tried a few variations of abnormally large collagen capsules that are super hard to swallow, tend to make me feel a bit sick in the stomach and are often found at the bottom of my drawer a few years later. Arriving in the form of liquid vials, LQ Liquid is the first one to make drinkable potions packed with a high-quality fish collagen (i.e. gelatine free) to supplement your skin.

Science fads aside, LQ liquid’s Advanced Skin Care Absolutely worked for me as a skin-booster. After gulping a vial every day for over 3 months (missing a few days on and off), my skin slowly and steadily became clear and smooth. Acne and whiteheads subsided dramatically, clearing out a lot of troubled patches on my face. When paired with clean eating and frequent application of hydrating face masks, the skin develops a natural glow. I even started parading bare faced to the gym flaunting my better-looking skin (with a dash of concealer for the Asian panda eyes of course!). Healing is noticeably faster with direct dispersion and absorption of this super-supplement-cocktail into the blood stream. An embarrassing bleeding bump on the side of my nose that had to be plastered to stop the blood bath completely healed with no scab or marks within 2 days! Ordinarily, I would have walked around for weeks shielding the giant scabby hill with my hand. With a trickling effect of visible benefits, I slowly became addicted to this bedtime routine drink which tastes like Berocca with a strong kick of turmeric. I would gulp this low-calorie drink after dinner and before brushing my teeth (to avoid turmeric stains).

Final Verdict – If you really want to see a difference in your skin, invest in high-quality collagen and be regular over a few months to notice the results. This one even has a good dose of Turmeric which is Ayurveda’s star spice since forever for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Bundled with Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Zinc, Vitamins B’s and C, LQ Liquid is almost like an injection of skin food. I would do a 3-month course at the start of every year to boost skin cell regeneration and replenish any depleted nutrient levels which it definitely does not get from my quinoa and oats diet! It is expensive compared to over the counter vitamins at £58 for a months supply when you buy 3 months stock, but still cheaper than expensive visits to the cosmetic clinics. In short, a shot of this a day keeps the (super-expensive) dermatologist away. Next, I am super psyched to try LQ’s Liquids Joint Care vials for my forever clicking, granny knees. 




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