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Express Teeth Whitening Strips by Spotlight

Years of late night chocolate binging and a decade of java addiction later (blame it all on Starbucks!) my teeth finally started showing signs of discoloration. These are stains that even compulsive brushing habits cannot reverse. Here enters the market of high-end dental whitening treatments that most humble Brits seldom splurge on. In my case, I faint at the sight of blood and would rather bungee jump from the Shard than letting the dentist's whirring drill near my tiny mouth.

Luckily, two gorgeous dentist sisters in Ireland spotted this stained teeth pattern in the market and formulated an affordable pack of Teeth Whitening Strips. Lisa and Vanessa's brand - Spotlight, is as understated and compelling as the movie. Spotlight Whitening is an effective and affordable drugstore brand that works wonders on stubborn surface stains. The box comes with 14 sachets, for 14 days. I used it for 2 weeks, leaving it on for one hour each night while I prepared for bedtime. Each sachet already has pre-cut strips; a long strip for the lower teeth and a shorter one for the top. So you can slap on these thin transparent strips in a  jiffy and carry on with your day as usual. There is a slight taste to it, very toothpaste-like; unoffensive nevertheless. And there is no sensitivity afterwards, just glossy, cleaner looking teeth. I also made an effort by using it with Spotlight's Teeth White Paste. It lathers demurely compared to your commercial toothpaste but works well with the whitening strips. I cleaned my teeth using this paste before using the whitening strips. 

Both these Spotlight products have Hydrogen Peroxide in them which helps break through tough (coffee, chocolate, citrus, wine etc) stains on the outer surface before penetrating the top layer of the enamel to brighten the teeth. My teeth went from a dull yellow to a more ivory white in 2 weeks. I just wish I had taken a before and after picture to capture the difference. The other day at Selfridges, I tried on Huda Beauty's matte liquid lipstick in Heartbreaker (the range is stunning by the way!) and my grinders looked gorgeous even with this super-matte red lip. Think of this £40 as an essential investment for the upkeep of those pearly whites and skip that much-dreaded and not to mention, a very costly whitening trip to the dentist. Do check out this at-home quick-fix for whiter teeth next time you are in Boots. Double thumbs up for the Galway Girls! 




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