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Proactive Take On Anti-Ageing - Liquid Skin Supplements by LQ

Just as we somehow manage to fit gym sessions between heavy-eyed train journeys and scurried lunch breaks, the city life leaves us with little time to think about our wellbeing, let alone our skin. In fact, I pat myself on the back if I remember to apply a face mask occasionally. And as I turned another year older yesterday, panic set in for the big digit birthday was looming just around the corner, bringing with it an onset of free falling collagen levels that I took for granted for three decades! So, finally, I decided to jump on the niche band waggon of liquid skin supplements as a proactive effort towards anti-aging. LQ Liquid Health Supplements come in 50ml test-tube like vial's and can be gulped in seconds, thanks to its Berocca like taste. Although it does have a little aftertaste which I think is due to high levels of the secret weapon aka turmeric. But it’s still miles away from any medicinal taste. LQ Liquids are packed with oodles of goodness to promote and maintain healthy skin; Hyaluronic acid, Zinc, Biotin (B7), Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and Aloe Vera to name a few, which are definitely scarce in my blood stream due to haywire eating habits. It also has large doses of high-quality Marine Collagen which is great for vegetarians like me. And how can we forget Turmeric! Turmeric is for skin, what coconut oil is for hair in Indian households. Ayurveda attributes turmeric to have anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties since hundreds of years. With my inability to swallow large capsules, this drink seems pretty doable. It comes to under £60 for a month’s supply if you buy in bulk, which is not that bad if it actually heals and rejuvenates over-worked skin cells. Since it’s a 3-month course, I shall keep a monthly log and update you guys with my tried and true verdict. *Fingers Crossed!*




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