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My Two Cents On Coping With Hair Loss

Panic is an understatement about what happens in our brains when hormones wreck havoc and the healthy mane we took for granted starts shedding one fine day. My sister went through a similar roller coaster recently when high levels of undiagnosed Hypothyroid lead to sudden hair fall. Thanks to private doctors who handled her case seriously and brought it under control within months. But the damage that was already done still needs to be reversed. After trying an assortment of potions, tablets, oils and hair masks, we finally decided to give the much raved about Nioxin a try. A short online consultation suggested Nioxin System 4 for thinning hair that's been chemically treated.

The 3 part system kit comes with a Cleanser, Conditioner and Treatment. We also got Nioxin thickening spray to use on wet hair before blow drying. It's been over a week and she is loving it! The cleansing shampoo and conditioner smell like Aero mint and a little squirt lathers a lot. The conditioner does not soften the hair too much post-wash but the hair feels soft and fluffy after drying. The treatment is a slightly dense oil which spreads easily and disappears within minutes. These products are apparently specially formulated to cleanse dirt and grime blocking the hair follicles, while the treatment is like manure that helps fertilise the scalp and promotes growth. My favourite is the Thickening Spray. If you have a wide parting due to sparse hair, apply this spray on washed hair and massage gently before blow drying. Like all Nioxin products, it feels cool on the scalp and raises the hair from its roots without making them look starchy or stiff.

From what I have read, the whole treatment takes 3 months to display full growth results. But so far, its a big thumbs up as the scalp feels a lot healthier than before. Dandruff levels have also gone down by half in just a few uses. The steep price point might be a big deterrent. However, Toni & Guy  seem to be selling the full-size kit at a massive bargain compared to what we paid online on Lookfantastic. Give it a try if you are going through tress troubles and look out for the follow-up article in June!

Top Tip - Avoiding haircuts when hair feels frail and damaged is a big no-no! A good cut gets rid of split ends, stimulates hair growth and even reduces tangles. Stuart Philips in Covent Garden do an amazing Cut, Wash & Blowdry, along with a complimentary head massage and world class customer service for a bargain (if you book via Treatwell).




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