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Reasons Why Wavy Hair Is The Best

Wavy hairstyles are bang on trend this season. They exude casual glamour, be it rumpled perfection using tongs or lightly moussed slept-in curls. Waves instantly upgrade one’s glamour-game, creating a stylish yet effortless look that we all ultimately strive. There are lots of different ways to wear and style wavy locks, and lots of benefits when you do. If you need any more persuasion to jump on the wilful-waves band waggon, here are top 5 reasons why wavy hair is the best:

1. Suits all lengths
Unlike other hair styles, wavy hair works whatever the length of your current tresses. For the Rapunzel’s, mid-back length waves look great, both day and night. Just scrunch them up and add some serum to lock in the moisture and voila! Choppy layers and waves are also an instant hit. Keep it soft and simple like Taylor Swift, or heavily textured like Rita Ora. Oh hell, even a pixie cut with a side fringe looks great with some face-framing wayward strands falling loosely on one side. 

2. Perfect for the beach
Beach-waves (hints in the name!) are perfect for that effortless woke-up-like-this look you want for the sandy shores. More importantly, it allows you to freely enjoy the soothing waves without worrying about water wrecking your hairstyle. Sea salt just adds to the wave and texture, enhancing what's already there. For all the surfer girls, wavy locks are a godsend. No need to blow dry or panic about forgetting to pack the straightener. Just use a bit of smoothing serum post swim and your style is all set to go.

 3‘Bedhead’ is acceptable
If you roll out of bed in the morning with no time to sort out your hair, nobody is going to call the Style Police! A little kink here and there where you slept on just adds to your tousled look. Just exploit the situation using a curling tong or even a ghd. Give your hair an 80s rock-n-roll makeover by adding kinks evenly on large intervals. 

4. Great up or down
Wavy hair looks great tied up or let loose. For example, straight hair can be rigid at times. Looks good in a pony-tail but falls limply post workout, making my face look huge. Being the gym rat I am, I always tie my curls into a quick high pony. The natural curls are maintained while giving the pony-tail some depth and volume. Just let them down post workout, add a bit of dry shampoo and ta-da! Effortless curls falling down your shoulders again, so you don't look shabby going home.




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