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Hard water and hair - not a great combination!

So this may not come as a surprise to you but I've been obsessed with hair since the beginning of the blog. It's been almost a decade now since I've been blogging and it has only fuelled my passion for tresses. If you're a regular reader of the blog despite my lack of regular posts, hah, you may have noticed I got married this Summer. After moving into a newly furbished apartment, I noticed my hair didn't feel as it used to before. Although I've suffered from Psoriasis in the scalp since years, I had managed to fix it with a medicated shampoo so I wasn't really sure what this was. 

Before, I would wash my hair, douse it in L'Oreal's Extraordinary Oil for a good few minutes and let it air dry. That's it and it would come out looking silky soft. I would keep twirling the ends of my hair into a ribbon like shape to ensure the ends came out bouncy and soft the following morning. This however, did not work at the new apartment. My hair felt extremely dry and brittle and I could see multiple split ends through every strand. I thought I needed a trim of course, and allocating the blame to a lack of regular haircuts, I ended up trimming my hair thrice in two months. The result? None. Until of course I would head over to my mum's place over the weekend and leave with silky hair after washing my hair there. 

Long story short, hard water is the culprit. It can be a big pain in the arse and can literally make you feel like you're wearing synthetic hair extensions that haven't been washed or brushed in ages. I needed to verify my doubt so I quickly looked up online and people recommended washing hair with bottled/mineral water. So one evening, I decided to empty a large bottle of Buxton on my locks to see if it acted as a hard water 'cleanser' and surprise, surprise, it did! To my delight, hair felt dramatically softer and smoother after just one wash, and that too a final rinse. Moral of the story, the quality of water can highly affect the quality of your hair. You may not notice this if you've stayed at a soft water residence since years, never moved places or haven't been much of a traveller. 

Have I solved the situation? Pretty much, temporarily. Ideally, a water softening system would be installed in the residence but because we don't plan to stay at the apartment for long, I didn't think £300 was worth the investment. Two to three bottles of mineral water per week sounds much more economical in the short term, no? So tell me, have you found yourself living in a hard water area and been disgusted by what it can do to tresses? Have you found a more sophisticated solution? Do tell!




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