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Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara + Mascara Melt Off

Just a quick shout out to the above combination that is currently making my world rock.

Thankfully, I have easy to work with lashes but having said that, I am super fussy when it comes to mascara. It has to be carbon black, adding adequate lift and volume. My lashes curl pretty easy so I'm not that fussed when it comes to the word 'curling' in lashes. But the colour and dimension are key. I cannot do with so called 'natural' looking lashes because what is the point of that? I might as well resort to clear mascara from the pound store eh?

When Too Faced introduced Better Than Sex, I was bowled over. It was gooey, luscious and would never dry up in the tube. I had random people asking me about my lashes, which, let me tell you isn't a regular occurrence. They could literally only make it better with a waterproof sister and this baby does not budge. You can rub your eyes, walk through a downpour or spend a good few hours in the sauna. It's almost like a temporary eye tint and lift. Such a hero! And of course, every hero needs a side kick, so you have your Mascara Melt Off. So thoughtful of you Too Faced.

Of course you don't need the Melt Off if you have your waterproof mascara removal regime in place. I personally don't always have oil based removers in my vanity, so this little tube is SO handy. Plus, combing it onto the lashes is a much more structured approach than massaging lashes with oil slathered on fingers. Once you've combed on the melt-off, simply grab a damp flannel and go over the eye area for a final cleanse.




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