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Autumn Skincare Finds

It's that time of the year again when you wake up to cold mornings, put on your favourite slogan sweatshirt (of course) and by the time you make yourself a hot chocolate and are ready to cosy up with a movie, it's Barbados weather outside, making you feel like a complete buffoon.

Having said that, it's much easier to switch to a tunic, sunnies and a chilled latte than it is to switch skin care. If you haven't found your in-between, autumnal skincare multi-taskers, these new finds might be worth checking out. 

Sucker for Asian skincare? DHC is the most accessible in this country. Start out with their cleansing oils or their Face Wash (that's all it's called, no 20 letter name?!). Housed in a humongous 200ml bottle which is something I love with cleansers, the plant-based formula does a good job at the morning cleanse, without irritating skin or drying it out. No soapy lather and acts friendly with sensitive skin. #Ingenious.

B. Confident's Hyaluronic Acid Spray can be naturally followed after the step above. The slightly medicinal scent does not bother me much as I am quite the sucker for products with 'Hyaluronic Acid' plastered all over them. Don't judge. I just want to age gracefully. Personally (or psychologically), I've felt such products help skincare work more effectively and make the base go on much dewier. Best sprayed post-cleansing, pre-serum/moisturiser, feel free to spritz on to un-cake your make-up as well. 

Senspa's Secret Facial Oil smells much more expensive than what it actually is. This one contains ingredients you would want to eat as part of a 'clean' diet i.e. green tea and cranberry seed oil. Loaded up with Vitamin E, it will help skin transition from autumn to winter and prep it to avoid forming those dreaded, dry patches. When moisturisers don't cut the mustard for me, facial oils are what I instantly dig out. 

And of course, I had to try the Makeup Eraser for myself to believe the hype. It did not dissolve mascara for me but besides that, the soft, extremely pink (rethink your pantone colour team) flannel did a great job of a first cleanse. The OCD in me had to go over with cotton wool afterwards but that's just me. On the go or pre-gym, especially if you are headed there after work, it's a handy one to have in your bag if wipes just aren't enough. It works well at dissolving base products like foundation, bronzer, blusher, powder et al but don't rely too much on wiping clean those glitter-laden eyes and the water-resistant shebang. 




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