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My Wedding Day: The Hair Edit

Being obsessed with hair since the age of sixteen, of course I was going to be particular about how I wanted my locks styled on my big day. Again, I was very clear as to what I did NOT want, i.e. an up-do. I admire people who can pull off hair away from their face. I seriously envy them for their svelte genetics and passionately wish I had their confidence. Personally, I feel I draw too much attention to my face and not to forget the super glamorous peach fuzz and baby hair when I choose to style my hair up. I have always felt a sense of comfort in having my hair act as subtle blinders. Hands up if you can relate!

Having said that, I also did not want to leave the task to myself. No matter how much I trust my hair styling skills on a daily basis, it is no doubt a bit too laid-back and unkempt for something more poised like a wedding. After sifting through uncountable Instagram profiles, my hunt finally came to an end when I found Shamalah. A self-taught hair stylist, she starkly stood out amidst the fleet of self proclaimed experts on Instagram. Like every other bride, I gave myself three options to choose from but for some reason or the other, I felt only Shamalah would understand what I wanted to achieve for my wedding day hair. 

It's a difficult decision to make, almost like a lottery, booking a hair stylist from Instagram you haven't met or spoken to. But having seen a few pictures of the lady herself and the fact that she enjoyed volume and coloured hair, I was pretty sure she would understand my brief. She's actually one of the few hair stylists online and on social media, who actually specialises in hair down (if that's a word!) styles for brides, with volume and texture being her forte. 

On the day itself, she came with a lovely selection of hair extensions that looked much more real than my natural hair. Someone who clearly cringes looking at hair extensions, it was surprising how I wanted to keep her selection for my personal  use. Again, I am not sure what make they were but they came in a variety of extremely realistic shades to even compliment my outgrown balayage pretty well. The extensions were lustrous and smooth and basically like my hair but better. Having a lot of blonde in my hair, we decided to go for a combination of dark brown and light brown extensions, with just a hint of my natural blonde peeping through. With my outfit being clean and classic, we wanted to keep the hair elegant and classy. 

Being a pro that she is, she understood my brief in a matter of minutes, gave me the right amount of volume, what she thought I could pull off based on my personality and helped me achieve something that I feel is timeless. I couldn't even feel one extension tugging through my scalp, when in reality there were more than two sets of them that I had secured in my mane. The hair literally gave me a tonne of confidence because I felt like myself but just more glamorous. Not to forget the generous compliments I received for it throughout the day! 

Sheenie said...

Mashallah, you look absolutely stunning! I love the hair - looks so natural. I think updos sometimes add years on a person. Ahh, you look beautiful! Hope married life is treating you well. Xx




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