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Impressive Body Oils and More

Whilst the British weather gave us a generous amount of beautiful sunny spells, my skin decided to switch roles and act unpredictable throughout this month. My lack of moisturizing routine did not help either. In the process of trying various fixes, I found two great products that my skin loves:

Argan+ Dry Body Oil is my product of the month, simply because it delivers what it promises. Just like every other time, I thought, meh another "Dry" body oil. But it actually dries out completely. Like an invisible layer of moisture, it sinks into the skin in a quick few seconds of application, leaving skin soft and moisturized without an unnecessary oily layer. Seeing it vanish into nothing never fails to amuse me. I like my face oils but always cringe at the thought of body oils/butters because of the oily residue they leave behind. This baby however, I've used constantly for at-home mani-pedi's and it's still full to the brim. Infused with lots of Vitamins and Omega oils to feed parched skin, it brightens and hydrates super quickly. Reasonably priced at £6.99 for a massive 200ml, this one's a must-try.

Gallinee La Culture Hand Cream is a new skincare brand that focuses on nourishing the microbiome - the good bacteria and microorganisms that thrive on our skin. Just like most of you, I was intrigued so I researched and found that imbalance caused to the microbiome leads to most skin problems, including irritation and dryness. Naturally, the nerd in me was very excited to try Gallinee and monitor its impact. The cream is thick and the texture reminds me of liquid foundations. It is not scented which makes the smell slightly medicinal. Massaging a small dollop on my hands made skin feel like brand new and un-pruney. It almost erased the fine lines on the back of my hands. The effect is long lasting which is always a plus for a moisturizing slob like me. A definite thumbs up for £12! 

Gallinee has some really interesting data on skin microbiomes, which I quite enjoyed reading (link below). It goes deep into how Prebiotics + Probiotics + Lactic Acid are like fertilizers for maintaining a good microbiome skin garden. How freaking cool! #nerdalert





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