What I wore on my Wedding Day: The Makeup Edit

Yes I got married! That's the reason I've been MIA from this blog. But fear not as I am back for good. And this time, we'll ramble about more than just make-up so keep your eyes peeled for that.

As for now, I wanted to give you guys a little peek into how I dressed my face on the wedding day. At first, I thought of being a girly-girl for once in my life and making a Pinterest board of my favourite looks. But then, being the shabby-chic, hippy procrastinator that I really am, I left it all on the 'vibes' I got in the last two weeks from what I saw around me. Also, I remember a celebrity MUA saying how wedding make-up shouldn't be experimental or trend-inspired. It should in fact be just a more glamorous version of the style and colours you've always played around with. 

This led to me to jotting down a few ground rules. 

No peachy tones.
No matte foundation.
No harsh, kohl-rimmed water line.
No neutral lipstick.

Suraiya, an Essex based MUA and conveniently, my mum's cousin did my make-up for me. I had seen her work before and was sure she could do a great job. The one thing I loved about her work based on her Instagram portfolio was how the brides look natural, modern and glamorous. No where near overboard, which is something I wanted.

I asked for a light base, something that would allow my skin to show through and I believe Suraiya achieved the look using MAC Face & Body and later using her powder-packing technique to 'seal' off the foundation and avoid anything from shifting around on the face. As you can see from the pictures, I asked to keep the eyes light and bronze, the eye lashes wispy but semi-natural, As for the lips, I was always clear in my head that I wanted to go for a blue-toned pink. I am pretty sure it was a MAC Lipstick but I'll update the name of it here later. And of course, the cheeks had to have my signature pink flush.

I wasn't a MUA's dream as I was demanding, fussy and knew exactly what would suit my face. But what else would you expect from a beauty blogger if not this, hah. This was the first time I was getting my make-up done by a pro MUA and the result made me feel so confident and comfortable. I felt like myself and can look at the pictures in ten years time without having to laugh at how outdated my makeup looks. 

If you are getting married soon, I would suggest to browse though those uncountable, make-up related hashtags on Instagram/Pinterest for inspiration, create a board just for yourself and then finalise a look. If possible, get it down on one of those face charts MAC uses and unleash the artist in you. 

Most importantly, make sure you feel like yourself, are comfortable in your make-up and can make those pictures look stunning for years to come. 

The pictures are by the talented Slawa Walczak. More on her soon!

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Livia Francine said...

Super beautiful look Sheefa!! You look utterly amazing. Many congratulations! xx