Amelia Moss Skincare

I'll be honest in saying that this is my first encounter with Amelia Moss. It's a small business and makes a lovely little collection of skincare products. I know skincare gurus suggest we invest more in skincare as we age, but I have only believed in that mantra when it comes to makeup, never skincare. I find prevention better than cure, so investing in a good SPF is all I am going to place my bets on. We were talking about price because the first thing I noticed about Amelia Moss skincare was it's extremely reasonable price point. I have two products from the range and collectively they cost under £30!

The Rose Water comes housed in a translucent glass bottle with a super cute silver screw top lid. It smells sweet and refreshing as expected and I have recently been using it as a toner. Feels absolutely refreshing to splash on post-cleansing and is mildly hydrating. I love the aromatherapy effect it has on the senses after a long hard day. Its 100% organic and comes in various sizes; 120ml and 240ml for those who prefer quantity. I quite like the dinky travel-friendly 60ml bottle as I can smuggle it in my purse just in case!

The Jojoba Oil has been produced all the way in Peru by organic farmers. The multi-tasking product can be used as a moisturiser or a cleanser. I used it as a facial oil for quite a while, until I read it could also be used to remove makeup. I was once stranded in my new apartment with no face wash and decided to give this a try with some cotton wool. It worked just as well! As a face oil, this is mostly what I use at night. The wedding and all the travelling during the honeymoon wrecked havoc on my skin. You couldn't obviously see it but I could feel it flaking and the jojoba oil helped quite a bit. This gem also comes in an assortment of sizes; 30, 60 and 120ml for you to try out.

If you're starting out with skincare, keen on organic goodies and want to quickly build up a collection without living on beans and toast, I'd recommend you check out their website. On the other hand, if you have a Caroline Hirons approved skin care collection at home but are looking to travel light, their tiny bottles are travel-friendly without comprising on quality.

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