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Make Revolution's Bargain Makeup Haul

The little sister is currently obsessed with Kaushal Beauty and has embarked on a shopping spree collecting all that Kaushal mentions. Since we have all been there (Michelle Phan-girl's raise your hands) I was obviously psyched to try all her buys. Her first makeup haul was Makeup Revolution, featuring products from the Kylie Jenner inspired makeup tutorial.

Mono Eyeshadow Brick in Delicious 
The eye-shadow brick was used to contour cheeks in the Kylie tutorial. This brick is literally the colour of Dairy Milk's chocolate bar! My general concern with such shades is that not everyone is at the same skill level as MUA's and YouTube gurus, hence it can end up as a bit of a disaster. However, the colour is easily applicable and nicely pigmented. On application, this chocolaty brown stood out quite starkly to my pale skin, making it look quiet dramatic. My makeup mantra is minimalistic and not too loud, so this contouring brick was a no-no for me. But when my sister tried it, it looked much better on her skin tone which is slightly tanned with red-olive undertones. It was visible and not too dramatic on her cheekbones and forehead. For someone who has never contoured before, it looked great and did not need much work. The best part is, its just for £1! So no harm practising your contour skills before splurging on a luxe contour eh?

Flawless Ultra Eyeshadow Palette 
This ultra palette is packed with 32 gorgeous shades, all just for £8... Hallelujah! The shades are all very sober and warm ranging from nudes, to pinks, to golds and blacks. The pan for each colour is small but the variety of colours available means you get more to play with. My favourites are the first three columns packed with everyday colours like Smudge and Raw (coffee shades) as well as Barely Pink. Smoky colours like Blue star and Night are also beautiful and deep to create that night out look. A lot of the shades have a shimmery finish to it for a fun party look. Would make a good beginners eye palette.

Ultra Professional Contour Palette
The sceptical sister also bought Makeup Revolution's contour palette in case the mono brick didn't work. Once again, this is priced at £8 for a 8 shades. The upper row is filled with highlighters, while the lower panel has light to dark shades of brown contouring powders. The shades of brown are mild to dark and easily wearable without looking too obvious. The only colour I am not happy with is the silver highlighter on the top right. Its base is silver rather than cream and sparkles instead of brightening. I tried the first two brown's on the bottom row and it looked warm and lovely on my skin tone. This contour palette would be great for pale skin tones as you can mix-n-match between different browns to create a more defined look. Love it!

Focus & Fix Eye Primer in Original
I have been using concealers as eye primers for a while, so I really wanted to see how this Makeup Revolution primer performs. Price point is once again ideal at £2.50 so you can get one in each - Original (Everyday use), Brighten (Metallic eye shadows) and Matte. The eye shadow stayed intact, did not smudge and came out quiet easily with makeup wipes. So the verdict is Yes! You can skip it on normal days but worth keeping in the stash for parties to ensure longevity.

Quiet surprised how I missed this brand as a makeup-hoarding teenager on a budget. Its affordable, pigmented and comes in lots of variations to experiment with. Great value for money!


XOBeautyAddict said...

Oh my gosh! I have to admit, that Flawless Ultra Palette really caught my attention. I would love to see swatches of that =O

Wendy | XOBeautyAddict.com




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