Sponsored Video: Schwarzkopf for Valentine's Day

I absolutely love this video by Schwarzkopf for Valentine's Day. There are so many brands out there creating promotional material but sometimes it gets a little too cheesy incorporating their products in the theme. It's brilliant how Schwarzkopf manages to make hair seem important without mentioning their products even once. The model is absolutely stunning and so is her hair. It makes me think how important a part hair plays in our everyday lives quiet unknowingly. The video isn't about celebrating this one day but more about the beauty of everything in our normal lives. It's quite apt how the video describes a couple and women in particular. I can so relate to irritating my other half with things he doesn't like or acting like I'm organised with my things but actually losing them half of the time. Also, with so many Valentine's Day stories cropping up the internet and YouTube in particular, I quite prefer the proposal shown in the video. How absolutely genuine and down to earth does it look, with so much patience and effort gone into it. Take hint guys, roses aren't just meant for bouquets, use them creatively! 

On that note, don't forget to treat you hair tonight with some sort of a rich concoction containing coconut oil, avocado or something similar. If you're not really a DIY person, opt for a hair mask and keep it on overnight, wrapped up in cling film, shower cap or a plait for luscious locks next morning. To achieve glossy curls or even silky straight hair on Valentine's Day, you will need to treat and condition your hair before so get started. 

*Sponsored post by Schwarzkopf


Weaveland Hair Extensions - Recommend a Salon & Win £100 ASOS Vouchers

Weaveland.co.uk is the your one stop shop for all things hair extensions. Whether you're looking for weft or clip-in's, virgin or remy - they sell some of the most high quality hair extensions online for a much affordable price than many. 

They also provide a salon review service where users can rate and rave about salons and share their experiences with each other. I personally am always rummaging around the web for reviews before I pick a salon so I'm totally in favour of such platforms. Plus, they have a recommend and win campaign that will roll out from 1st of March where they're giving out a free set of hair extensions and £100 worth of ASOS vouchers (Terms & Conditions here: http://bit.ly/1y4Vo9e) to one random person who recommends their favourite salon. A monthly draw for the winner will be carried out. So go ahead and start rambling about your favourite hair destinations to win yourself some goodies!

Formal Menswear at His Boutique

Clothes for boys are difficult to shop for is something I've learnt from experience. Be it the brother, boyfriend or dad, their levels of fussiness when it comes to liking or disliking a piece instantly surpasses that of the ladies. If you have a huge budget, sure you can go out splurging on designer brands to make a nice big hole in your wallet. On the other hand, if like most people you are looking for a bargain, it's best to shop online. Of course it will take some time, rummaging around the web looking for the kind of pieces tickle your fancy but it's always worth it in the end.

Dermalogica Holistic Body Treatments

After being a fan of Dermalogica Facials since years, I can't believe I was so late to jump onto their Body Treatment bandwagon. I believe they've been out there since a while, with quite a few salons providing it as their luxury spa treatment. They are not your usual massage or body polishing treatments but have this element of holistic appeal added in which makes them special. Including a Mineral Salt Scrub, Nourishing Sea Mud Therapy, Power Recovery Therapy, Mud Massage Therapy and The Complete Thermal Body Experience, there's a treatment for every person and body concern.