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NEW Face Masks from Kiehls - The 'Pollution Solution' Formulas

A few weeks ago, I attended a super informative presentation by Kiehls, led by Dr. Jean Krutmann and Helen Sung from Kiehls Innovation and Product Development. Demonstrating the effects of pollution on health and skin since centuries worldwide, how it was at it's peak in cities and how our hectic daily lives only added to stress put on our skin - they launched their 'pollution solution' range. Two new face masks from the brand that would treat and prevent skin from environmental damage and counteract effects that followed it, such as dulling, pigmentation and sluggish skin in general. 

Hearing about the extensive research put into these products by Kiehls, I was sold. As a customer and a blogger, it was stuff I hadn't heard about before. Studies, statistics etc that would make these skin saviours a quick step in our crazy schedule. The bright coloured pots and refreshing scents of these products only added to their aesthetic appeal. Both of them are suitable for use on all skin types.

Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energising & Radiance Masque

A thick paste whipped together with main ingredients like Turmeric and Cranberry seed. Known through centuries and various cultures for brightening the skin, having healing properties, containing antioxidants and a mildly exfoliating nature - these star ingredients make this face mask a winner for me. It smells warm, earthy and comforting and I actually look forward to cocooning it onto my face at the end of the day. Keeping it on for 10-20 minutes is more than enough to reveal beautiful looking skin. It's a little stubborn to slough off as it dries a lot and there's a tonne of cranberry seeds floating around but a little exfoliation and a warm muslin cloth work well. I use it when skin feels a little dull, fatigued and exhausted. Turmeric can also help with healing breakouts and inflammations so it's handy to have on the bedside table for those 'WTF's happened to my skin' emergencies at night.

Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque 

A highly refreshing scent, the face mask is sweet and zesty. The texture of this is more airy and whipped compared to the one above. It goes on in thin layers and resembles a night cream in it's consistency. My job involves going out a lot, especially to construction sites for photography and interviews. Not only does that mean my carbon black Topshop Jamie's need constant replacing, it also means my skincare on those days needs to be amped up to work towards decongesting the skin. This baby comes out on days when skin feels clogged and 'dirty'. It somehow delivers a spa-like, detox feel to the skin and leaves it renewed and thoroughly cleansed. I leave this on for 20 minutes as it doesn't really dry out and feels quite comfortable on the skin. But Kiehls suggest leaving this on overnight for a potent effect. 

Personally, I have phases when it comes to being obsessed with face masks and then literally giving up on them for months. These somehow have fit into my weekly skincare regime quite effortlessly. It's something about the easy to use textures, the convenient jar packaging or the quick results that's made these jump from newbies to go-to's in a matter of days. 

Releasing in February 2016, keep an eye out for these on www.kiehls.co.uk.




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