Urban Outfitters - 3 Knits - Winter sorted!

Passing by Urban Outfitters today was not a good idea for the wallet especially when I was on a mental mission to revamp my wardrobe, capsule style. It's ridiculously easy to spend a fortune in the shabby-chic store without even realising that all you've got yourself is lounge wear. Whilst rummaging through outfits that Kim, Kanye and baby North would wear without blinking an eye, I cast my eye on these gorgeous jumpers neatly nestled into the sale section. Not being a regular Urban Outfitter buyer, I picked up the tops and thought to myself 'Is this the kids section?'. Why are the tops SO tiny any way without being termed as a crop tops? Trying them on revealed that they fit like a glove and wrap the body into a flattering shape. V-neck? Tick. 3 quarter sleeves? Tick. Jewel toned colours? Tick. I was sold. The deep sea green and the amber are easy classics that are difficult to appear outdated and are easy thrown-on's. The multi-coloured striped knit has a strong 70's vibe going on and is something that I swear to have seen Jennifer Aniston sporting in friends. With the rein of the character knit being in-vogue this season, it's the perfect 'fit in without trying too hard' option if you're not a fashion mogul like myself. 

P.s. Urban Outfitters have a crazy amount of sale going on at the moment. Go empty your wallets out!

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