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Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette

Gwen Stefani has always been the ultimate rock star. Her unapologetic ways of wearing her hair, dying them in whatever colour she pleases regardless of trends and sticking by her blood red lips through all these years has only made me love her more. Sure, trends are fun to follow and we have celebs like the Kardashians for that. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Kylie fan girl. But sometimes it's refreshing to come across people who stick to their individuality, comfort zone and liking, no matter what the media, magazines or trolls say. If you whizz through Gwen's make-up style, it pretty much comes down to vintage pin-up. A key pattern in her eye shadow is pale colours. Be it glittery or matte textures, you'll always see her sporting shades like pale pink, champagne, muted browns, beige and so on. And I'm glad to say Urban Decay have absolutely nailed it with the selection of colours thrown into the palette. The palette comes housed with fifteen shades. On first glance, they don't look Autumnal or Winter-y to me at all. In fact, it reminds of the bridal palette's MUA's put together. From your transitional browns and maroons and stunning brow highlights to glistening pinks and golds, it's a minimalistic make-up lovers dream. There's also a couple of deviants such as Harajuku which is a bright pink leaning towards magenta, Danger, a rich ink blue and 1987, a potent pure gold. Punk, Serious and Blackout are three of the darkest shades in the palette, which cobbled together would create a gorgeously sooty smoky number. 

The texture of these babies is buttery soft and smooth. There's none of that grittiness in the shimmery ones or chalkiness in the matte ones. To me it's something that would be unquestionably loved by make-up hoarders worldwide. I've not come across a better selection of shades in an eye shadow palette in a while and this definitely is worth picking up for Christmas. 

Also, let's take a minute to appreciate this beauty with it's checkerboard like design, a rustic bronze label embedded onto the palette and it's overall gold exterior. #minimalisticchic 

Launches tomorrow retailing at £40.


Safiyah said...

I love my Gwen palette! <3




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