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Step by step guide to Everyday Voluminous Waves

I’ve been wearing my hair as voluminous waves for as long as I can remember. Its almost an addiction and gives me withdrawal symptoms if God forbid I straighten my hair for the day.  I have de-briefed my haircare routine step by step in an easy to follow format for anyone who wishes to try this fuller hair look. A must try for those who want volume in their hair but have a naturally limp mane. My sister who has flat fine hair followed this routine, made it her staple and then coaxed me to put it up on the blog hence the post! The key is to wash and texturize locks using the steps below:

Step 1 – After washing your hair, do NOT brush it. Just let it air dry and untangle with fingers to get rid of the large knots.

Step 2 – Whilst the hair is air drying, gently massage Loreal Elvive Extraordinary oil (I’m on my third bottle atm!) onto the lower ends of the hair at ten minute intervals. This is an economical dupe of the Kerastase hair serums and works like a dream. I am frightened to even think what I would use it's discontinued! One pump squeezes out an almond sized amount. Work it slowly through your hair making sure all strands are covered. This ensures that hair dries to a naturally glossy sheen and a bouncy feel to it.  Repeat this 3-4 times at 10 min intervals based on how parched your hair is. 

Step 3 – Let hair dry completely. Keep de-tangling using fingers. Avoid the crown area when applying serum or de-tangling as it can make roots look flat and greasy. If you cannot bear the tangling at the top, lightly use a tangle teezer (the only hair brush that has touched my scalp. EVER.) 

Step 4 – Next, curl hair using Nicky Clarke’s Diamond ShinePro Salon styling wand. Curl the hair by parting them into manageable sections.  Take approximately inch wide sections and wrap around the tong. I prefer to hold the tong horizontally for better control. Leave it to style for 5 seconds and move on to the next section.

If you have always managed to tangle and break a serious amount of hair trying to use clip tongs like myself,  then you are going to worship Nicky Clarke’s clip-less tong. The barrel size of this is perfect for loose waves. Smaller barrels give really tight curls which I personally find a little too dated. I have tried larger barrels as well, but curls usually seem to drop a lot faster with them. This Nicky Clarke tong is super powerful (5 seconds per curl) and the waves last for a good few days. Its built in system allows 5 variable heat settings. I prefer the strongest setting i.e. 5, delivering quick 5 second curls at 210 degrees. The cable is also 3m long (YES!) so no more crouching near the switchboard. And in case you are a bit forgetful, worry not, for it has an auto shut off mode after an hour. It’s long and thin, making it compact enough to mould anywhere between clothes in the cabin bag. I have successfully managed to travel with it as well. 

This is a part of the Diamond shine range and comes with nano diamond technology to add shine to the hair. Its available in Argos and Boots and honestly, it’s a bargain for £36.99! I have had it for over 6 months and it’s not shown any signs of wearing.

Step 5 – After curling all sections, leave it to cool for about 15 minutes or sleep on it before interfering with the hair. This gives some time for the curl to cool and take shape. Scrunching hair with fingers can also help add volume to the curls. The curls will naturally open up and separate the next morning or if you are not sleeping on it, lightly open them up using fingers.

Step 6 – Finish it off with Label.M texturizing/volume spray. Lift hair and spray generously near the roots. Massage it in gently and slowly, allowing the roots to be lifted. This adds ample volume and texture. I carried this 200ml can with me to Switzerland recently and the immigration confiscated and binned an almost filled can in front of me (still haunts me). I learnt my bitter lesson and invested in Schwarzkopf got2b Powder'ful Volumizing Styling Powder. It also does a good job and comes in a travel friendly size to pop in the handbag. I normally top up the texturizing powder once a day to give hair a little boost past lunch time.

If you guys have any questions/suggestions about the hairstyle feel free to comment/tweet. You can also share your voluminous waves picture by tweeting at @getgawjus for me to see.




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