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HIF Hair is Fabric

I don't believe in Cleansing Conditioners. They simply do not work for my hair. Hence I wanted to try out this baby to see if it would be any different. If you have been living under a rock since a year, let me explain that a Cleansing Conditioner is when a product is meant to cleanse and condition your hair at the same time. Now I'm not saying it's not a great product because it is. But for me, it doesn't function as a cleansing agent for my hair. Maybe because I use a lot of hair products or because I have a lot of hair. How I use HIF Hair is Fabric is as an in-between treatment. I use it after using a shampoo to ensure that it gives my hair a double cleanse without stripping off any more moisture. Plus, it also works as a light conditioner that won't weight my hair down. 

I'm not really sure what it contains but it makes my hair smell like roses for days. It also makes my hair super soft and separated. I'd suggest that if you are looking to lay off heavy conditioners, then definitely give this two-in-one product a go. Again, I would suggest using it after shampooing, not instead of, purely because I don't find it strong enough to cut through the grease. But if you are lucky enough to have a set of tresses that are dry and don't get as greasy, this may work as a cleansing conditioner for you after all. 

Termed as 'dry cleaning for your hair', HIF's Hair is Fabric contains Hyluronic Acid, Exotic Oils and Rock Extracts that nourish and balance the hair. It also claims to be free of nasty detergents found in hair products. 

The one I have is for 'Colour Support' but the brand does a lot of different variety geared towards ageing hair, curly hair and so on - so go take your pick. I absolutely adore it's salon like packaging. Considering that my hair does love the product, I would recommend you check it out.

RRP £30. Available HERE.

R. said...

They do curly hair shampoo type products?
Almost NO ONE does that. Been my bane for years doing a hit and miss type of routine with brand upon brand trying to see if something that they made for something else might work well for curly hair!
Must check these guys out.




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