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MAC Studio Fix Fluid vs MAC Face and Body Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC25 & MAC Face & Body in C3

Okay, so I understand there is absolutely no similarity between these two MAC Foundations. But due to the fact that they are both equally popular in their own ways and a cult-favourite amongst many, I thought I would do a little comparison ramble in case someone out there was confused and waiting for me to solve this dilemma for them. You're welcome.

Lets start with MAC Studio Fix Fluid. It's a full coverage foundation that provides instant coverage. It's heavy duty and industrial when it comes to your bases and is the perfect one to fall back on in an emergency case of blemishes and breakouts. It's long lasting and although it's known to feel extremely heavy on the skin, I feel it's just slightly heavy and nothing compared to actually heavy feeling foundations that I've tried in the past. As for it's infamous paint like smell that you'll read in reviews about, it's pretty non-offencive to me. The only negative point of this in my opinion is that it can start to disappear or fade from certain areas of the face after 6 hours or so of application. Especially if you indulge in some physical activity or indulge in eating/drinking. What I'm trying to say is that it doesn't wear off quite well, can oxidise ever so slightly and would need a touch up after a few hours. 

I've written about MAC Face & Body several times on the blog before so I shouldn't dwell on the details of it so much here but just as a disclaimer, I am partial towards it as I'm on my fifth bottle now and I love it to death, hah! So this is the complete opposite to it's counterpart above. It's runny, extremely thin and has a very high water content. It banks on light to medium, sheer skin like coverage and has a dewy finish compared to the matte formula above. I feel it lasts longer, wears off beautifully, never looks cakey and you can up it's coverage with strategic concealing. It's only flaw is it's tacky, sticky texture which can pick up every hair, fluff, moth and gum wrapper that comes in it's way. 

Both of them are brilliant to have in your collection for different purposes, moods and skin days but if I had to announce one as the winner, it would clearly be MAC Face & Body for it's versatility and sheer brilliance. 

On the other hand, try out MAC Studio Fix Fluid for yourself and don't believe so much in all the negative things written about it. It's no where near as skin clogging, breakout prone or funky smelling as described by cynical reviewers online. 

Unknown said...

new sub! just found u. anyone who loves F&B as much as i do, is my soul sister! haha!! fully agree aid your assessment. F&B rules!!
StudiFix-oxidizes, too heavy.




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