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MAC Select Cover-up Concealer vs MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

I love liquid concealers. Period.

Yes there was a phase when I tried all the cream concealers in the world but all they seemed to do was the opposite of concealing. I felt they emphasised dark circles, rubbed off easily, faded through out the day, stuck to dry areas of the skin and the worst of them all, creased like crazy.

Now I have to admit I have slightly more deeper fine lines around the eyes than others which may be responsible for cream concealers creasing. But regardless, I found them defying the purpose altogether even if I used them for blemishes or pigmentation,

Moral of the story, if you've had no luck with concealers, switch to liquid ones and you won't regret. Thank me later. 

I've used MAC Select Cover-up Concealer since around 5 years now so you can imagine the countless Back to MAC stuff piling up on my dresser. I initially started using them to camouflage my designer under eye bags and it worked great. It still does but I avoid using it as I had to pull out my mirror a good few times a day to correct any under eye creasing. If you're lucky and don't have deeply ingrained lines around the eye area, you'll love this. It's lightweight, doesn't look cakey, blends like a dream and if you can manage to bag yourself the right shade from the millions MAC offers, you'll be sorted for life issues like sleepless nights and hangovers forever. 

MAC Select Cover-up Concealer also lasts a good few months even after daily use. It's almost as if it's magically replenished each night. The finish of this is partially dewy but it sets in a good few minutes, making it the perfect choice to use with dewy Foundations. It's also quite lovely to cover any sort of pigmentation that South Asian skin tones can get around the mouth area. This is what I use it for currently and it works like a dream. 

As for the 'should I go NC or NW' debate, please use your own judgement and not that of MAC's MUA's. Sure they are brilliant but you've worked with your face for a lifetime so use your discretion. Personally, NW's have never worked for me. It could be down to the fact that I'm quite obviously yellow-olive toned and a pink base looks as awkward on as me as glitter did on Edward Cullen. 

Lets talk about the latest MAC Pro Longwear Concealer now shall we? I avoided jumping on the bandwagon post it's release as I assumed it would be extremely heavy and full-on for my liking. After getting my grubby little hands on it a few months ago, I was surprised to see it's liquid-ey and light! Who knew eh? It's only flaw would be that it comes in this awkward little bottle that looks like it was a Foundation that was shot by a shrink gun during it's making. It dispenses too much product and my shaky hands in the morning are not equipped to get the 'press it down half way' correct. Put this in a tube or a tub MAC, pretty please? 

And that ladies is it's only fault. Besides that it's perfect. Why you ask? Because it's almost like a Foundation. It's got the coverage of a concealer and the consistency and finish of a foundation which makes the end result look amazing. No cakey mess. Just pure colour correction and better coverage. I use this under the eyes as it's the only liquid concealer that hasn't creased or sunk into my fine lines. It works great to cover pigmentation around the mouth area or blemishes but I reserve Select Cover-up for that. It's finish is dewy on application, it sets quickly and dries to a demi-matte finish. Would work better with matte Foundations but I also use it with MAC's Face & Body so it's versatile enough.

Similarities - Great coverage, less creasing, no fading throughout the day, long lasting, water resistant. 

Differences - Select Cover-up can crease under the eyes. Pro Longwear doesn't. Select Cover-up has a more dewy finish. Pro Longwear has a demi-matte finish. 




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