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My Eye Brow Essentials - Updated

Lets get this out of the way - I'm the last person to be obsessing about how neat my brows look. I used to have an 'OCD' with them a few years ago but recently I like to approach the au naturale and carefree Lisa Eldridge kind of 'bigger the better' approach.

Although not unruly, my brows are scanty when it comes to their natural colour which is an ageing shade of grey! They're also not perfect in the sense that there will be scanty patches here and there. Now that we're done dissecting my brows, let me tell you a little about my favourite brow tamers. 

MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set is the quickest fix you'll ever come across. Of course there's tonnes of similar products out there but this baby sets those flyaways like no other. It literally gels them in place, adds a punch of colour and a tad bit of texture and voila, you're good to go for an entire day, or more (in which case, you're gross!) 

Silk Fibre Brow Enhancer is another firm addition to my go-to brow kit. It's pretty much like brow extensions in a bottle. A doe foot applicator, one you'd expect to come with eye shadows somehow manages to seamlessly add texture and colour without fallout. It does both with ease but adding texture to scanty brows is it's forte. You don't see any sort of powder transfer through but just some vague strands of fibre. Already a best seller in Australia, this baby sets in 60 seconds and lasts until you scrub it off with warm water. It's my favourite thing to use when I have a few more seconds at hand to get my brow game on or when I'm going out some place nice. 

And lastly, the MAC 204 aka the spoolie. Again, you could get this from Boots I guess but this particular one is so handy. Using the products above is fairly easy but they are pigmented so if you're heavy handed or have shady hands, the spoolie is an ingenious correction tool. 




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