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Illamasqua School of Make-up Art

Pin-up Makeup Class - 2 hours - £60 

Tips I picked up

1. For the perfect brow shape, use a light highlighter or a concealer with a flat brush such as a lip detailer and sketch under and above your natural brow shape. This allows you to clearly see where the arch is and how lightly or heavily you should fill your brows. Once brows are filled in, blend the highlighter areas to give brows an automatic lift.

2. Use a concealer, again with a flat brush such as lip brush and create a slanting line going upwards, starting from the lower lash line towards the end of the brow. Once you've done that, use it as a guideline or frame for your flicked eye liner. It helps you stay in parameter for that crisp edge and the concealer also helps in erasing mistakes. Once you're done, buff out the concealer with a buffing brush and it ends up sharpening your flicked liner too - ingenious!

3. Use a Navy/teal/dark blue liner on deeper skin tones to line the lips before applying a full on red lip. Then go over with a red lipstick of your choice and it will blend automatically.

4. For a quick and fun ombre lip, line the lips with a different shade of lip liner and go over it as well as in the middle with a different shade of lipstick. The blending is instantly made effortless and easy.

5. When you cut false eyelashes to adjust the length to your eye shape, always cut them from the outer edge. Instead of throwing away the part you've just chopped off, simply stick it on top of the outer edge of the lashes to create that Bambi like, fluttery eye effect.

Verdict: If you have been slathering your face with make-up since the past few years, I would say you'll find this class fairly easy. Opt for something you want to perfect such as a cut crease or contouring in my case.

Their teaching style is easy to follow yet full of pro tips especially if you've never practised make-up professionally. Illamasqua products are a treat to use, you leave with your free set of eye lashes plus a 20% discount on their products - it's a pretty good deal for the price. Particularly for London where Make-up course prices cost you an arm and a leg.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will go back again to refresh my make-up skills. 




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