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FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey? The latest medical tourism trend

Why are so many men travelling to Turkey? Apparently 15,000 people from UK, US and other European countries each year visit Turkey for hair transplant and most of these are usually men. Medical tourism is the next big thing in the grooming industry right now and it sure has its perks with friendly locals, experienced doctors, beautiful cityscapes, monitored progress and all this at a pocket friendly price.
A quick search on google will tell you how absolutely expensive hair transplant surgery is in UK, let alone London. Although the professional expertise of the hair transplant doctors may remain the same in UK, you are highly unlikely to receive the same amount of aftercare and personal attention as you would in Turkey. Plus, nothing can really beat the essence of medical tourism, which is a week’s holiday in an exotic country and the ability to recover in privacy as opposed to your local city.

With stashes and beards becoming a hot trend on the fashion scene this year, it would only make sense to have a full set of hair to accompany it. Just like women are overtly critical of themselves when it comes to their body shape and size, men feel equally self-conscious in the hair loss department. It’s something that plays a vital role in defining their identity and image. Like make-up, experimenting with hair-do’s and haircuts is pretty much men’s forte when it comes to grooming. Dealing with hair loss, especially at any age can be stressful for many. It can affect confidence, make one the subjects of snippy comments and indirectly act as an obstruction when it comes to socialising with friends and family.

This is the change you might except between 6-12 months.

FUE hair transplant, standing for Follicular Unit Extraction has recently been in the news as a permanent solution for hair loss. A virtually painless procedure, the surgeon hand picks the required follicles for the procedure. The micro and mini hair grafting technique harvests healthy hair follicles from the scalp and grafts then directly onto more scanty and bald areas of the head. What’s great is that it follows the direction of the natural hair growth giving naturally flawless results. Leaving absolutely no scars behind, patients can be rest assured of no tell-tale signs like other hair transplant techniques. Healing takes only two to four days, during which you receive full after care to ensure everything’s going as planned and your recovery is seamless.

With airport transfers, hotel accommodation and English speaking co-ordinators, hair transplant in Turkey is a trend that’s become highly popular through word of mouth recommendations. So if you know anyone that’s struggling with hair loss, is considering more affordable options and can do with a short holiday, point them in the right direction. www.gethair.co.uk is one of few hair transplant websites who have an office based in London. Get in touch with them via email or give them a ring to discuss options and concerns regarding the treatment.

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