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Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation vs MAC Face and Body Foundation

 MAC Face & Body Foundation in C3 and Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in 3.5 

These two Foundations have always been a part of  huge debate since forever. MAC and Bobbi Brown are pretty neck to neck when it comes to the battle of the base. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation and MAC's Face and Body in particular are constantly compared. Why? Because of their similar light weight formulas and sheer finish. 

Now that we're nearing Spring/Summer, I thought I'd do a little round-up for you guys of what the foundations are really like. If you're looking for a light base for the warmer months that you can absolutely depend on regardless of the skin day you're having, then keep reading. 

Lets start with Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation First. It immediately has one major benefit, an SPF of 15 which sorts you out in the sun protection department. Having said that, it does not look ghost like or cast a white shadow in pictures. The texture of the foundation is extremely satin-like and liquidy. You only need a 1-2 pumps and that's more than enough for the face and neck. Adding more foundation on top helps build more coverage with this foundation without it looking cakey. The coverage is light to medium but inclining more towards medium in my opinion. It looks pretty much the same through out the day, with no oxidising at all. It wears well for a good 8 hours after which it starts wearing off naturally. The finish is hydrating and comfortable, like you're wearing absolutely nothing. Also a good one for those obsessed with larger pores as this works at minimising them.

MAC Face and Body Foundation is something I've used since years. I was one of the few to grab my hands on it in the blogosphere when the hype starting surrounding it. Till today, I have bought and used up at least 3 bottles of it and have never regretted another purchase. It's watery finish feels cool on the skin and it takes about 5 seconds after which you can see it's coverage on the skin. Use it with a buffing brush for a lighter coverage or your fingers for a heavier coverage. It's great for covering redness and evening out light pigmentation. The finish is light and you will need a concealer for blemishes and dark circles. The foundation looks better through the day and basically never wears off to be honest. It particularly blends in well with any concealers used on top. I wore it once on my day trip to Paris and it lasted for more than 15 hours and still looked great. It wears off to a shiny-dewy finish but you can pat off excess oils with a tissue and it goes back to looking normal again.

Similarities - Both of them feel extremely light on the skin. If you hate foundations that look cakey then both of these will be right up your street as they are virtually undetectable. Both of them wear off pretty well and last for a good 8 hours plus without changing colour or moving on the skin. Both of them are suitable for dry/dehydrated/combination skin and suit my Indian skin tone with yellow/olive undertones.

Differences - To be honest, I personally cannot choose between one. Some days when I need more coverage and something that will even out the skin quickly with a demi-matte finish, I'll opt for the Bobbi Brown one. When I want to keep things light and fresh and load up on concealer, I'll go with the MAC one. You won't need to set the Bobbi Brown one with powder but you may want to add a light dusting on top of the MAC one. 




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