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Must-try Beauty Treatments Before Summer

For the younger audience out there, by which I mean under 35 – the treatment involving microcrystals and a vacuum technique is a quick one to resort to if your usual exfoliater isn’t quite working wonders for you. Of course a regular skincare regime including a powder based exfoliant (no scrubs ladies!) or salicylic acid pads is vital to keep your skins exfoliation cycle up and running at a faster rate but sometimes nothing seems to cut the mustard. 

Especially when it comes to scaly skin, flakiness, uneven skin tone, sun spots and an overall dull, lustre lacking complexion. From experience, a Microdermabrasion treatment in London is the simplest and most effective of all the skin treatments out there if you need some help in the glow department. Did you know there is now a Microdermabrasion treatment for the neck, chest and back area? Quite convenient if you’ve booked a tropical holiday for the Summer and need some motivation to kick-start your bikini spree.

Skin Peels:
Don’t let the thought of skin peels scare you away! Unlike before, they are now modernised and tailor-made for every skin type. Working with active ingredients and enzymes, they work through resurfacing layers of skin in a non-invasive manner. What I love about skin peels is their potent ability to work with acne scars as so many people at all ages seem extremely concerned about them. Especially before Summer, as the thought of covering up imperfections with a tonne of foundation isn’t something anyone is looking forward to. 

Plus, they come with the added benefit of firmer skin and less pronounced wrinkles and fine lines which is always a plus. I would highly recommend a Glycolic Peel or a Salicylic Peel as both have a light to medium intensity but great results from the very first treatment. There’s also a Hands, Face and Body Peel I’ve read about recently and if you are someone like my mum, obsessed about hyperpigmentation the hands – then this is perfect for long lasting exfoliation.

Laser Treatments:
If you are looking for maximum results minus anti-ageing injections, then Laser Resurfacing is the way to go. One for those hard to budge acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines, skin resurfacing via laser is all about heat spot treating a particular area of the skin and simply lifting off or dissolving the damage. Creating injury to the skin, it works on that mechanism to show newer skin that’s flawless, smooth and even. 

With results visible from just one treatment, it comes with the added baggage of one week of downtime and the procedure carried out under an anaesthetic. But I would say it’s worth it for those in their 40’s or 50’s who have tried every skin treatment possible but with no avail. A safe treatment with years of refinement, it’s something to consider before the Summer months if stubborn imperfections have been affecting your confidence since years. 




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