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Makeup Brush Set by Shumaila's - Sigma Brush Set Dupes!

Make-up brushes and me share a love-hate relationship. Sometimes I feel only one is enough and I end up doing my entire face with two key pieces. Then there are phases where I want to go all bare minimal when it comes to make-up tools and shun everything in favour of good old fingers and sponges. Currently, I'm into a totally contrasting phase. I call it being a hoarder. I feel like I want to possess and collect every new brush talked about and released, especially if it's of a different texture. Currently, I am obsessed with the set above by Shumaila's. They're a chain of salons based in Essex and have released these as a natural answer to their customers and bridal make-up clients wanting a bespoke set of make-up tools that were all useful, unique but still set at an affordable price compared to MAC and Sigma.

What I like about the brush set:

Handpicked selection: I can't seem to find another brush set online or in stores that's pretty much like this. I mean the selection of brushes here seem hand-picked with so much thought put into it. Ever purchase a brush set only to find you won't be using/needing five brushes because they're repetitive or just completely useless? Well that's not the case here thankfully! 

Different textures: A good mix of goat hair, synthetic and white hair brushes is something I highly appreciate. Only because it's a good way to play around with different kind of brush hairs, especially if you haven't tried them out before. I particularly love white hair brushes for blending and synthetic for base products and there's ample of both thrown in here. 

Long handles: Yes a silly requirement/benefit but I cannot work with short handle brushes. I recently bought two from a highly rated brand and the brushes were pretty much travel sized which was a disappointment. For professional use or even everyday wear, I'm sure most of you like me prefer longer handles for ease of use. 

No shedding/bleeding: After giving them a good test run, it was pleasantly surprising that they didn't bleed colour on washing or shed hair. A good indication that the brush hairs are well tied/glued together from the ferrule. 

Compared to Sigma brush sets, I found the variety of the brushes in here to be extremely versatile and different from one another. I've used Sigma brush sets before and my only complaint with them was highly similar brushes thrown into a set or including brushes that I necessarily did not need. 

Compared to MAC brushes, I found these to be extremely affordable and a great dupe for them. I'd say they do shed less than MAC and are a little more softer. If you're a Make-up Artist looking for a complete set to add to add to your kit or a newbie wanting to expand your brush collection, the kit by Shumaila's would be perfect. 

Available to purchase here for £65 - www.shumailas.com/make-up-brushes

Safiyah said...

these look gorgeous! <3




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