Claudia Louch Loose Mineral Powder in Cool Neutral

Coming straight from Claudia Louch's natural skin clinic, this beaut has been developed by none other than a Harley Street Holistic Skin Specialist. To compliment her range of fabulous skincare, I felt make-up was the seamless next step to take. This Loose Mineral Powder is all things modern, non-cakey and SO very 2015. I feel like mineral and loose powders are coming back in vogue this year. Do you remember how they were the rage 5 years ago and how suddenly we were bombarded with compact versions only? I personally love myself a compact formulation simple for the sake of convenience but the best powders I have tried till date have come with the words 'loose' and 'mineral' plastered all over them. Although not handbag friendly, this loose powder by Claudia Louch is a great alternative to professional products. It works really well at giving skin that velvety smooth, satin finish that's adds a surreal glow to the face. It doesn't add much colour but that's what I want from a modern day powder really. Working brilliantly at setting that concealer and foundation, the texture, consistency and formulation work really well at leaving a pin-up look effect. No heavy feeling, skin feels comfortable even with long wear and providing a flawless yet natural finish, I frankly cannot fault the product. 

For £47.50, it's obvious that we can easily slot it into the 'high end' category. I personally reserve it for weekends, night outs and occasions and hopefully I will not need a repurchase soon, hah!


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