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7 Tips for Better, Healthier Teeth

Better teeth are healthier and better looking teeth and there are a number of things that you can do to improve your smile and how your teeth look. So, we’ve compiled a list of some great tips for a healthier, more attractive smile.

Eat the Right Foods
Eating the rights sorts of foods is the very best place to begin your quest for healthier teeth. The likes of red wine, coffee, tea and cigarettes will cause all sorts of issues for pearly whites and take the shine out of your teeth. Generally speaking dark foods tend to cause problems for teeth and if it’s got a dark tone, it may stain your teeth. Ideally, wash your teeth after eating or drinking foods that could stain to prevent issues.

New Toothbrush
Can you remember how old your toothbrush is precisely? If not then it’s a good idea to change your toothbrush or the head on your electric toothbrush. The amount of bacteria that people transfer back into their mouth because of old toothbrushes, as well as the issues related to it being worn out mean regular changing of a toothbrush is a must.

Learning to floss without a mirror can be very beneficial and allows you to floss when you’ve got some spare, private time. Close your eyes when flossing to get an idea of where your teeth are without a mirror. A little practice and you’ll soon be able to do it wherever you are, increasing the chances you’ll actually do it.

One of the main reasons a lot of people don’t brush their teeth is that they never developed a routine. If you develop a routine by being strict with your brushing and your families then you are setting yourself up for success. Brushing your teeth the moment you get out of bed in the morning and then back in at night helps build the routine. It’s also beneficial as it helps to brush off all the plaque and bacteria that have built up in your mouth at night.

Orthodontic practice Hampsteadortho.co.uk advises that one of the biggest and most common mistakes people make when brushing is they brush too hard. This can cause problems with receding gums and worn down enamel and these can then turn into cavities. Learning to brush in small circular movements and doing so over the tooth’s entire surface along the gum line is the best way to brush teeth and prevent problems.

For ladies, one great trick to make teeth look whiter is to choose a light red lipstick. The colours make your teeth look a good bit whiter. However, it’s worth avoiding lighter colours as they tend to bring out the yellow tones in teeth and hence make them look less sparkly.

Patience and Prevention
When taking care of your teeth, having patience and not skipping and taking short cuts is one of the best ways to ensure dental health. Preventing tooth problems is easy with a little care and know how and will give you a smile to envy.  

So, follow the above tips and you can be sure that your teeth stand a far better chance of staying clean, healthy and attractive.




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