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Vaping – To help you achieve your ‘no smoking’ resolution in 2015

A New Year, a new set of resolutions.

Like many, I’m sure you guys also have a good few jotted down somewhere on your phone, laptop or plastered on your fridge if you are super motivated. Mine include the usual weight loss, career development, learning new skills, taking part in a sport and more globetrotting. But I do know a few friends for whom ‘quit smoking’ is on the list. A much more intense resolution than mine and something they will try to stick to much more diligently than my workout videos. Being a non-smoker personally, I cannot say I understand the determination needed to quit smoking for good but I do appreciate the effort people around me make for a healthier lifestyle.

Chatting to one of these mates recently, she told me she’s going to take the 80:20 route to fulfil the resolution. The rule includes taking baby steps, isn’t too military and is something that one can pursue for longer than giving up in a week’s time. If like me you’ve been an ardent diet-experimenter – you might know something as extreme as a Cabbage Soup diet won’t work as well as Clean Eating 80% of the time and ‘cheating’ the rest. Same goes for smoking I believe. Instead of completely being off nicotine and having sever withdrawal symptoms that may act as disruptive and inconvenient in daily life, vaping seems like a ‘cleaner’ option to smoking, well at least to begin your ‘no smoking’ journey.

Vaping is basically when a propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin based liquid is mixed with a small amount of nicotine and food grade flavours and cobbled together into an atomizer. It’s almost like a smoking simulator and the inhaling and exhaling motions emit a highly similar feeling to smoking to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Of course you will come across the ‘anti-nicotine’ gang who are completely against vaping and e-cigarettes but one has to realise these alternatives are for adult smokers and not for those who do not smoke at all in the first place. It’s not promoted as a ‘cigarette for starters’ but instead as a reduced risk measure for addicts who are looking to give up smoking. Of course it still contains nicotine but what I have gathered from friends who are looking to quit smoking is that it’s substantially less dangerous when it comes to lung and mouth cancer and other threats smoking can pose.

It goes without saying that stained teeth, bad breath and troublesome skin problems can also be substantially avoided when it comes to vaping. So, if you are someone who has ‘quit smoking’ highlighted in their 2015 resolutions, I’d recommend you do your research and read up on studies that demonstrate vaping as a much less harmful alternative. Considering how stylised they have become compared to a few years ago, when they only came in black and were extremely chunky – it gives a little assortment to the ladies looking for coloured variations as well.  




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