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Affordable, Advanced and Effective: Must-Try CACI Facials

If you haven't heard of CACI, it's a company that makes advanced electronic equipments and technology for the skin, basically emphasising a lot of muscle re-education with it's microcurrent rollers, electro buds, wrinkle comb and all that jazz. Majority of CACI Facials are catered towards dry, dehydrated and mature skin, with an aim to stimulate better collagen production but in a responsive way.

If you have however heard about CACI Facials, you might perceive it to be slightly more on the pricier side as it's usually talked about by celebrities and is basically seen as luxurious and high end. Don't get me wrong, it is lush compared to your usual cleansing and blackhead removal facial but it's not unaffordable at all.

Here are some affordable CACI Facials you may like to try out:

CACI Hydratone for only £15 - Includes microcurrent hydratone rollers, electrically conductive hydro smoothing gel mask. Overall drenching your skin in moisture, hydration and nourishment. 

CACI Jowl Lift for only £20 - Targets the lower area of the face including jowls, chin and cheeks. For increased jaw line definition and to potentially battle the dreadful double chin.

CACI Eye Lift for only £20 - Works with the upper half of the face, concentrating on lifting and contouring the eye area, making it appear younger, well rested and brighter. 

CACI Wrinkle Revolution for only £20 - Softens and smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plumps, exfoliates and firms skin. 

Plus, there is always an option to combine the above two facials for a still affordable price of under £40. This is great because usually CACI Facials start from £65 going up to £100 and above. This is because they include a full non-surgical face lift and very many elements that make them a complete anti-ageing package.

But if you're like me, in your late twenties and want to try out CACI Facials as a preventative measure without forking out a huge amount, the above listed are my favourite to allow your skin to have a little taste of the advanced facial which promises 'face lift' like results non surgically.




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