Dermalogica BioSurface Peel Review

I have always steered clear of chemical peels for some reasons. Heck most advanced facials at salons don't suit my skin. What I am scarred of is irreversible damage to the skin, scars or even something as minor as a breakout. However, when Dermalogica just recently introduced their BioSurface Peel facial, it actually made me take off my cynical cap for a bit and take notice.

Sponsored Video: Nivea Sun - Take care out there

The video above does two things for me.

No.1 – Reminds me of my recent holiday to Mykonos, Greece

No.2 – Also Reminds me how I totally skipped out on SPF all those days. I know, I know – it’s an un-punishable skincare crime.

Aah, how I miss the golden sand, the crystal clear water, the tropical weather and the pleasant night breeze. Now because it was only October, I completely (or purposely!) forgot to take with me an SPF. Because it wasn’t scorching hot, one unconsciously starts to believe there will be absolutely nada sun damage done to the skin. But unfortunately it’s all a myth if you see the video above which will give you a reality check. To be honest, I don’t think I’d like my skin to be analysed by the UV camera. I mean it would surely push me to use SPF for the rest of my life but would seriously scare me for all the existing skin damage I may have already done.

The video filmed in Australia also shows how skin would be protected with SPF. It should just be tinted shouldn’t it? So we all know how much area of the skin it covers. Regardless, the fact of the matter is that SPF is a must, whether you’re planning to go to a winter sun holiday or already thinking about backpacking adventures in Summer 2015. Slap it on your hands, legs, tummy and of course your face generously. Especially with facial skin, I’ve heard two tea spoons is the minimum you need to provide full protection. 

Hence don’t fool yourself with a SPF containing foundation as you surely won’t be slapping on so much on a holiday. If you are like me and don’t like applying make-up or slipping into clothes immediately after SPF application, put it on after breakfast and before leaving for outdoors – giving it a good few minutes to soak into the skin, whilst you lounge around in your bathrobe by the pool.  With so many consistencies, formula's and textures in SPF out there, we actually have no room to complain for the white chalky consistency which no longer exists. 

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