Fabbnails Gel Nail Polish Kit

I suck at doing my own nails, period. 

I also suck at getting my butt up to nail salon regularly, flaunting dull, brittle and lack lustre nails. Having said that, I actually would love to have a personal nail technician who'd visit me in the comfort of my home and do my nails whilst I sip cappuccino and enjoy reading the latest issue of Vogue, bliss! As we all know, the probability of that happening is just as unlikely as Starbucks discontinuing their pumpkin spice latte hence when I came across this gel nail polish kit, I had to share. 

Containing a mini nail dryer that can accommodate one or two fingers at a time and a few other tools to get the nitty-gritty of gel polish accurate, it's a portable one that you cannot miss for the price (£24.99). The lamp has a 30 second timer letting you know as to when the gel polish is dry for manicure rookies like myself. The battery operated device ensures you can get gel nails no matter where you are, holiday, work or at home. Perfect for those who love their glossy gel nails but find constant salon trips to be inconvenient, time consuming or dear. 

You don't really have to be a pro at doing this. Fabbnails have gel polish in pen applicators so you don't have to go through the real mess involved in creating gel nails. The gel nail pens come with a primer, base coat and top coat to minimise the steps involved in achieving salon worthy nails. Plus it's much easier to fix in case of chipping as all you'll need to do is touch up with these handy pens. 

Yes gel nails need proper removal to avoid damaging natural nails hence Fabbnails also do a mini and deluxe removal kit to have that sorted for you. Lasting for two weeks, I absolutely love their gel polish pens and have my eyes glued to a few Autumnal shades. Check them out at here

Back To Basics: Leather Phone Cases


There was a time when I experimented with all sorts of phone cases, ombre, studs, logos, slogans, graphic prints, fur and sequins, phew...you name it. As 2014 progressed however, I felt it was time to tone down things a little for the Winter and go back to basics with the neutral blacks, warm browns and polished khakis. Lets face it, neutrals are timeless and no matter how much you love your bright neons and sugary pastels like myself, they will fade out of style pretty quickly leaving with you with your trusted muted options to fall back on. 

If you're lucky enough to have your hands on Apple's latest release, then this iPhone 6 leather case will be just perfect. Fuss free, compact and sturdy. I swear by flip cases for extra protection. If you compare my phone to my friends who rely on the non-flip options, the difference in the condition of the phone exterior is huge! Plus the fact that these nifty leather cases are partially dinky wallets helps in making my cave of a handbag quite clutter-free. 

On the other hand, if you're an Android addict like myself, here's a basic option with some mock croc detailing and a glossy finish to give it a bit of an oomph. This Samsung Galaxy S4 leather case is beautiful in real life and doesn't wear out as easily as the cheap ebay ones. Plus it looks great in the evenings paired with a dressy number and heels. These days, I'm lightening up my luggage when heading outdoors and mostly rushing out with just one of these leather phone cases containing my debit card and some cash stashed in. 


Rituals Car Perfume

Activated by the flow of air from your cars fan, this car air freshener ensures your ride smells just as good as your home! I love the look of this. The chic wooden exterior makes it a unisex one with guys and girls not fussing much about it not being blue or pink respectively. The sleek wooden finish seems to compliment all car interiors instantly, giving it an earthy, cosy vibe. Rituals do these in a few different scents but the Clary Sage and Green Vetiver one is my favourite. Again, a universally likeable scent, it's neither too masculine nor too sweet. Perfectly suitable for the colder months, it's woody, crisp, green and zesty to act as a pick-me-up.You cannot smell it too distinctively in the car unless the aircon is on as it's not overpowering but a hint of lemon infused, pure citrusy, fresh cut grass like scent in the air is what it gives out. With almost everyone who sees it enquiring about it, I'm terming it my car find of the year. 



Claudia Louch Botanical Cleansing Lotion

If you need a cleansing lotion that will clear your face of all the oily gunk and red inflammation, then this is it. Don't be fooled by ingredients such as coconut being present in there that it will be super hydrating or rich. In fact concentrate on ingredients such as aloe, cucumber, green tea that work hard at keeping oily to combination skin balanced, without stripping off essential moisture. 

My skin has always been confused but I reserve this cleanser for more oily days when I need that helping hand in curbing all the oil oozing out of my skin. Spots, white heads and breakouts can steer clear of this soothing and calming concoction, as it's sure to zap them down after a few days of use. It is one that leave skin taut for sure so if you're more of a combination-dry skin girl, simply slap on some balancing serum on top. Having said that, it's gentle enough not to cause any dry patches on the skin as such. 

An anti oxidant packed formula and one aimed at firming the skin, I feel this would be received quite well in the mature skin crowd who still suffer from breakouts and spots occasionally but want that taut, youthful looking skin. As the colder months arrive, I'd suggest sticking to more nourishing options such as the Chamomile Face Wash from Louch's range and switching it up with the Botanical Cleansing Lotion twice a week. Sterling combination!


Fendi Furiosa

The scent is floral, woody and warm to cut to the chase. It's sweet, refreshing, comforting yet sexy and elegant. You can wear it during daytime but it's sophistication calls for spraying it on during those decadent evenings or date nights when you need something that stands out from the crowd. Furiosa means 'feisty' and the gold and sparkling yellow combination shapes that image up perfectly. The bottle has been designed by jewellery designer Delfina Delettrez who is actually from the Fendi lineage herself. 

Top notes are Bergamot and Pink Pepper, Middle notes are Wallflower, Jasmine and Gardenia and Base notes are Amber, Incense and Guaiac Wood. What I can smell distinctively is the Pink Pepper, Jasmine and Amber, which are all my favourite notes fortunately!

As claimed by the brand, the fragrance is all things wild and feminine. It has notes that will empower, ooze out confidence and make you feel bold whereas more softer notes that will embody the colder weather and compliment the festivities around the corner. With abundant of gift ideas out there, gifting a scent has always been my favourite option. It's special in a way as it encourages you to put thought in the gift option and find something unique and identifiable for the recipient. At the same time, it's luxury and classic appeal means you'll hardly ever go wrong. 

If you've got a fussy lady to shop for this Christmas, give this baby a sniff regardless of the recipient's age and you might just have one present sorted from the gazillion on your list. Thank me later yo