GIVEAWAY: 12 Maybelline Color Show 'Tanned & Ready' Nail Polish

Part of Maybelline's Vintage Leather collection released last year, Tanned & Ready is a gorgeous colour for Autumn/Winter! It's a terracotta with sheer white flakes that looks almost ethereal yet casual chic. Perfectly suitable for all complexions from the palest to the most deliciously tanned. Drying to a modern matte finish, it looks perfectly manicured for all casual and formal occasions. Whether you're casually lounging around on a lazy weekend or making conversation in a chic cocktail party, it adapts amazingly to a variety of outfits and moods. Matte shades like these compliment the snug, cosy and warm feel of Autumn/Winter so well and look gorgeous paired with monochrome or rich jewel toned apparel. 

NoScrunchie are giving away 12 of these beauts in the running to Good Afro Salon Awards 2014. To enter, simply start adding and/or reviewing salons on their website and voila, you're in! So if you know of a hairdresser, hairstylist, freelance hair pro or a salon that's great at doing Afro hair, just add it to NoScrunchie's ever increasing database and win yourself some goodies for the new season. 


Dr Ceuticals Firm & Sculpt Arm Gel

Bingo wings! Something most women are tired of battling in the gym. Sometimes it's an incorrect workout, unhealthy diet or plain old genetics, but flabby arms can be more stubborn to melt for some than others. Of course weight lifting mixed with a generous dose of cardio is something that's perfect to melt the extra baggage on the arms. If you need a little extra help however, try slathering this baby after every arm day. 

It won't work wonders melting off that fat and turning it into toned muscle but what it will help with is tightening and firming the saggy skin around that area. With antioxidants, collagen and elastin building properties thrown into the sculpting formula, it's an effective blend to target those jiggly upper arms. A gel like formula that's easy to absorb, feels cool on application and leaves no greasy residue, it's the perfect choice to opt for post-shower or workout instead of your regular body butter offerings. 

Visible results in the texture of the skin around the area should be apparently seen in 3 months time. In my opinion, take it as it as i.e. a firming gel for the arms and expect it to work wonders only if you're prepared to work your butt off in the gym. Just thought of putting it out there as there's hardly any great upper arm sculpting products and this is one that fitness freaks would love to have. 

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

I've always heard of charcoal as a fabulous ingredient in skincare but have never really got a chance to try it out. When a grey coloured cleanser arrived at my doorstep, I was actually quite reluctant to give it a shot. It's funny how colour plays an important role when it comes to skincare. Unknowingly, we are quite used to seeing our cleansers creamy white so it was quite funny at first to slather on something greyish as a pick-me-up in the mornings. 

Surprisingly enough, the colour has nothing to do with the brilliance of the product. Containing not many star ingredients besides Charcoal, it's a simple face cleanser for daily use. There is that obvious slight tingle on application but nothing much. You also work up a little foam whilst massaging it onto the skin but no obvious bubbles and Fairy liquid action happening there. Working strongly at leaving face refreshed and thoroughly cleansed, it's actually a match made in heaven for teenage, troublesome skin. 

I can actually spot a considerable reduction in the number of breakouts and clogging on my face after using this regularly for a good few weeks. Alternate it with a rich cleanser at night or pair it with balm cleanser as a morning, double cleanse regime, For a fiver, it will surprise you with how amazing it is.