Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate For Hands & Body

Just like Hyaluronic Acid for the face, Hand Chemistry have come up with a formula that's equally good for the hands and body. Who would have thought eh? With hands being the first part of the body to give away ones age via wrinkly skin, it's amazing that we now have something that's more advanced than your run off the mill, vitamin E enriched hand creams. Unlike other ingredients, hyaluronic acid works under the surface of the skin to improve hydration over time. It's naturally found in our bodies but decreases as we age and this is the perfect way to replenish hyaluronic acid levels in the body. It also acts like a magnet for any sort of body oils, lotions and potions that we slather on top, making them last incredibly longer. I particularly love the pump dispenser bottle as it makes the task of applying it after every hand wash much easier. It's quickly become a bathroom staple as it absorbs in quickly, almost like a hand sanitiser, leaving behind no greasy residue at all. I cannot tell a difference in the skin on my hands and body as of yet but I have firm believe that the potent 19% formula is acting actively as an anti-ageing measure, preventing me from having crinkly hands in the future. I am also tempted to slap it on my face due to ease of application. Might as well isn't it? Not that the molecules will know where they are being applied eh!



Face the World Facial at Vanilla Moon

Vanilla Moon owned by Zoe in Eastcombe Stroud is a peaceful sanctuary created to provide relaxing and bespoke pampering packages for the mind and body. The company's belief is to get people to encourage their minds and body to let go of the stress and transition seamlessly into a mode of pure bliss and relaxation. Especially after the hectic lives we live these days, Zoe's belief is that Vanilla Moon should be people's first resort when they want every muscle in their body to rejuvenate and energise to face another day. Hence their Face the World Facial being one of the most popular and highly requested facial treatments amidst clients nationwide.

Combining the power of avant garde technology and effectiveness of naturally active ingredients, the facial relies on paraben-free and cruelty-free skincare, to allow the skin to absorb all the naturally beneficial ingredients via advanced technology. From detailed consultation and bespoke treatments to gorgeous aromas, softest of blankets, serene atmosphere to the healing touch of the therapists, the entire experience is enough to virtually transport you to a spa at an exotic island. The combination of therapists hand movements to the firm yet gentle pressure on the delicate areas of the face, Face the World facial manages to get every minute detail correct.

Another vital aspect that differentiates the facial from the rest I have tried till date, is that it is choreographed to be in sync with the background music so the entire relaxing journey is not just with the skincare but also the beats of the music. Hence there are no chances of you being bored by repetition, the facial is about dynamic movements. 

The holistic facial has been designed from scratch by beauty industry experts afters years of research. The signature facial by Vanilla Moon is worth a try if you're ever in Eastcombe Stroud and if not, get in touch with the company as they do provide mobile services at your office, home, hotel, hammock and all that jazz.


Sponsored Video La Redoute: The Language of Love

La Redoute is a French fashion brand in the UK, sharing it's Parisian style with the English crowd since 1995. I love this video they have recently made called ‘Language of Love’. Research has found the us Brits are apparently nowhere near as romantic as our French neighbours, even hesitating to say something as simple as ‘I Love You’ to our loved ones, be it a sister, mum or partner.  Surprisingly, research has also proven that we would surely like to hear it more often and even better if in a European language!

I love the genuine, sweet and simple yet heart-warming responses of all the real people featured in the video when they come to know that the Parisian translation originally came from their friends, family or partner. Language is definitely not a barrier when it comes to expressing love as the tone of voice, body language and those puppy eyes are always enough. With so much cold and gloominess going around in the British weather throughout the year, we could surely do with some warmth and sunshine in our lives and what better than saying it out loud! Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to display your emotions or an anniversary to say you love them. Life should be a celebration of love every day, however cheesy as it sounds.

On another note, having a quick look at La Redoute’s UK website, I can see why they would start such a campaign. Their range of clothes is so dreamy, cutesy, adorable and all with a hint of Parisian chic shot through it. Absolutely wearable with a bit of that sweet detailing that makes their outfits stand out.  The versatility of their outfits means they can be sported at afternoon tea parties with friends or on a date night out with the boy, which we all really need more off.  So whether it’s social media you rely on to get in touch with loved ones or a surprise visit, indulge more in the #languageoflove this year instead of waiting for Christmas for that annual meet up.

*Sponsored by La Redoute


Would you climb Kilimanjaro?

Sunset from Kilimanjaro

I would!

Although I haven't been on very many adventures in my life, I definitely feel I would be able to do this physically and mentally. Kilimanjaro is one of the tallest free standing mountains in the world and the most accessible summit. Plus it gives one a chance to explore the white beaches, surreal landscape and exciting wildlife in Tanzania. Always a plus after a rewarding mountain climb eh

The climb approximately takes 6-7 days and costs around £1300 including flight tickets, just what your typical 7 day trip to almost any country would cost. Of course the costs would vary based on whether you choose to do an open climb or a private climb but if it would be me, I'd surely opt for the private option as it would allow me to choose a personal porter, opt for a personalised route and upgrade to a fabulous hotel.

Plus not being the most congenial person in the world, huge groups, random people and a high altitude wouldn't be the perfect mix for me. I would love to climb Kilimanjaro with friends and family but seeing how they even refuse to board on a cruise with the fear of it 'hitting an iceberg', I guess I would have the plan the climb with my boyfriend whenever I do. Apparently, it's one of the easiest mountains to climb from what I've heard from colleagues, with a huge success rate. 

Unlike other mountain climbing expeditions, you're not expected to be a pro at Jillian Michael's 30 day shred workout dvd's but simply be able to indulge in regular cardio and strength training without fainting! Not bad no? With temperatures hardly varying throughout the year as the mountain is near the equator, all you'd need is some decent mountain gear, the right amount of determination, sufficient stamina and voila! 

The only varying factor is the rain which you would have to plan your trip around. If you don't mind a little bit of drizzle, even November and December are not bad months to climb Kilimanjaro at all, with the perks of a less busy period on the mountain and cheaper flight tickets. If money is no barrier, then September and October are the best months to plan your trip in terms of the dry weather and an enthusiastic crowd to keep you going. 

I've always been fascinated with East African countries and their wildlife and this dormant volcanic mountain comes with an opportunity to spot over a whopping 140 species! Sounds like the perfect adventure holiday to me. After making myself mentally ready to scuba dive in Mykonos when I head over there soon, I feel this should be on my travel-list to accomplish in the next few years. Lets start with snorkeling shall we? But if you're a more adventurous person than me and have crossed off most adventures from your bucket list, this will be right up your street! 


London Fashion Week 2015 - What to wear!

Starting from 12th September, London Fashion Week SS15 will dominate our lives for five consecutive days. As a Londoner and LFW regular, you might be used to the difficult fashion choices and must already know what you're going to strut around in the week. But if you're a first timer at the show, it's easy to make rookie mistakes. Hence below are three outfits that are foolproof, fashion blogger approved yet classy and timeless. You can never go wrong with neutrals, monochrome, a bit of grey, sheer fabrics and some rugged leather going on.

Stick to one shade dressing. It's proven popular amongst celebs and on the runway recently. It will be chilly so you totally can rock a grey gilet. The fur instantly adds a tonne of texture, makes the apparel interesting and is perfect for toning down any harsh, rock-chic fabrics like leather. Pair it with a silky longline cami top underneath and a light grey pencil skirt. Make sure to slightly vary the shades of grey chosen to prevent it from looking dated. Finish off the look with pointed peep toes with a matte mock-croc finish. Throw on an understated backpack in a multicolored grey to balance the ultra-glamorous theme a little. 

Channel you inner Kim K! Perfect for the slightly curvy girls out there, this figure flattering, part chic-part casual outfit is sure to be a winner for London Fashion Week 2015. It's a timeless classic with soft neutrals, trusty stilettos and those ripped denims. The textured peplum jacket adds a hint of seasonal trend into the apparel. It's quite a refreshing change to see peplum making an entry back into the fashionsphere as we did seem to love back in 2012. As for the leather handbag, I quite like this slightly slouchy, slightly sturdy number with some tassel detail going around. The dark brown colour contrasts the outfit but not as sharply as a jet black would. It looks like you haven't tried too hard and are casually just in-vogue. Perfecto! 

From Coco Chanel to Marilyn Monroe, the boy meets girl trend has earned popularity since decades hence slotting it into the timeless classic category. There's something effortlessly cool about macho shapes meeting ladylike detailing. The Chelsea Tan Handbag is a perfect fit to go with the apparel. It's got a nice, not-so-feminine shape and colour to blend in with the theme perfectly. The oversized checked coat, white poplin shirt, tartan cigarette pants to those front peep toe shoe boots are just the right amount of monochrome to keep it safe yet with a boyish hint to make it appear stylish for London Fashion Week. Also a great one for the nippy weather to keep yourself warm whilst clicking a gazillion pictures for Instagram.