Fall Fashion Prep: What You'll Be Needing For An AW14 Wardrobe

As Autumn comes closer and we bid farewell to Summer (hopefully that's a good few weeks away!), I automatically start rediscovering old favourites that are chocolate brown in colour. Always having a penchant for all things warm and delicious looking when it comes to fashion, it's no surprise I'm presenting to you a collage of all my favourite fashion finds for Autumn 2014, namely the chocolate brown edit. Having a warm, olive skin tone, I love the colour in particular as it complements me perfectly and makes me appear brighter and more lively as compared to cooler toned colours. 

First off, it complements almost everything. By everything I mean chocolate brown looks great layered with greys, taupe, beige, white, black and denims in particular. My favourite look of all time is to pair a brown sweater with blue denims and tan boots, with a beige snood and an ostrich leather handbag. It's effortlessly stylish, laid back yet perfect for everyday wear. 

Secondly, the shade instantly looks rich, lush and elegant. There's nothing about this shade like SS14's pastels and neons that will make it appear frivolous, young and teenage like. It's all about grown up, chic and sophisticated fashion this Autumn. I don't know about you but I cannot stand flaunting pastels and neons once Autumn strikes. It's all about warm, rich, decadent shades that compliment the gorgeous weather. This being a perfect colour to transition your wardrobe into warm, wintery months. 

Don't want to spend a tonne on revamping your entire wardrobe for Autumn? An easy way is to invest in a warm and cosy chocolate brown fur gilet or a structured handbag in the colour to pair with the rest of your outfits, whilst having a hint of the current season. Both of these will go really well over neutral, dark outfits or clean and crisp brights, simply toning them down and adding some warmth. 

Pssttt...this particular brown ostrich leather handbag which is a Birkin lookalike is on sale for £55 here. *link*

Dark brown wallets and belts are a quick and convenient way to add a hint of the scrumptious colour to your Autumn outfit's. I particularly like the skinny belt for olive green and mustard dresses for formal wear. As for the leather wallet, it's a fuss-free yet luxurious one to take with you outside for daily chores, to compliment a soft blue denim, crisp white tee and black patent boots.


Hair Loss Supplements - How to find the perfect one

Hair loss is a difficult issue to deal with. It's a two way sword with sufferers taking extreme stress and anxiety due to the hair condition and that resulting in worsened hair loss. I guess it's the inability to rely on a particular hair growth product that's usually the main reason for all this stressing. I personally suffered from minor hair loss due to psoriasis and the situation was so helpless until I found the right products to stop it. Of course topically applied medicine can help to an extent but what I found was that consistent diet high in vitamins, folic acid and antioxidants paired with effective hair supplements were the key to getting hair loss to stop gradually but surely. 

I also found that genuinely well researched online resources on hair loss were few and the only ones that I could trust were those written by bloggers who were willing to share their personal experience of the journey. I came across a similar blog recently and was hooked there for hours on evenings with a cuppa. It's called nomorehairloss.org and is written by Emily who herself suffered from severe hair loss post-pregnancy. One can immediately tell from her work that a lot of research has gone into it. In particular her section on hair loss supplement comparison. 

Now there's huge debate regarding these on hair loss forums with people writing paragraphs raving or trashing a particular brand. The problem that arises in this situation is that these forum users have usually only dealt with one or two hair loss supplements at the most, which is never enough to base your opinion on. Like everything else, hair loss is also quite an individual issue and what works for someone may not work for you at all. 

Emily of nomorehairloss.org on the other hand has tried a whopping 13 hair loss supplements, the most talked about in the market. On her article titled '13 Hair Loss Supplements Compared', it's quite interesting how she's compared all thirteen in an easy to digest manner, with their pros and cons and why they did or didn't work for her. Her article is quite educating especially if you are someone who easily gives into hype and big brand names such as Inneov, Pantagor and Priorin, which according to Emily, are overpriced and under deliver. The unsung hero's of the hair growth process are Amitamin Hair Plus and Hair Vitalics by The Belgravia Center. 

Her thoughts on Amitamin Hair Plus review are fabulous but in short, it contains 21 researched ingredients, is free of artificial colours and flavours and comes in at £.061 pence/day making it affordable, effective and the perfect choice for those who want to trigger hair growth. Whether you're suffering from post-pregnancy hair loss, alopecia, hereditary hair loss, diffuse hair loss or circular hair loss, check out Emily's Amitamin Hair Plus experience


Vichy Suncare Essentials

Whether you're heading to a festival, planning to hit the beach on the weekend, escape to an exotic climate for a getaway or simply chillax in your backyard (that would be me), for Summer, two things you will most definitely need in the sun care department is an After Sun Lotion and an SPF. My favourite brand is undoubtedly Vichy when it comes to sun protection. 

Recently, they have come out with two new additions to their already vast range and that includes a BB Cream with an SPF of 50! Now I personally only had such in a fairly low SPF so I was thrilled to know I can actually just slather on some of this tinted moisturiser goodness and expect to be protected from the much dreaded sun damage. I've heard you need to apply at least a tea spoon amount of SPF for it to give you maximum sun protection and with BB creams, it's quite easy to do that really. 

As always, the texture of the BB cream is extremely thin and light, nothing to heavy on the skin or pore clogging. The shade I have is natural tan which gives my pale yellow skin just the right amount of sun kissed colour. If you are NC30/35/40 in MAC, you'll be just fine it. The end result is superbly glowing skin, almost mimicking a post-facial effect. It looks great on my mum who has sun spots, fine lines and uneven skin tone as reflects light beautifully. 

As for the After Sun balm, it's all you'll need to slather on your face and body to avoid developing a sun burn or to cool off minor sun irritations. Any sort of redness or aggravation and it will remedy it immediately. A handbag must-have if you're flying to sunny destinations this summer. It being paraben free, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin only makes it more appropriate for the delicate face area. Who wants to carry two types of after sun lotions on a glamorous holiday any way eh? 


Fashion Scarves & Jewellery at Miss Milly

Don't you just love it when a British brand promises to work ethically with partners, is award winning and offers free shipping nationwide? Well, after the amount of bad publicity regarding that infamous primark dress tag, it's increasingly becoming important for me to buy from British brands that are decently priced and not too cheap to be true and missmilly.co.uk is one of my favourite online shopping destinations. 

The variety of fashion scarves and jewellery they have in store is enough to leave any avid shopper spoilt for choice. Plus I love the tone of their fashion accessories, which is quite young, playful and chic. The jewellery design and scarf patterns are fresh and inspiring for fashion bloggers in particular and not your typical run of the mill. Their unique product design, affordable price and impeccable quality, all come together to make the online fashion portal a sure one to bookmark for lazy Sundays, whilst browsing with a cuppa. 

Their Floria Collection of jewellery instantly reminds me of a holiday. The ones where you're on a hammock, by the poolside or with your feet dug into white sand but you still want that effortless, cool piece of jewellery to compliment your kaftan, maxi or denim shorts. The collection is absolutely vibrant, playful and has a boho-chic vibe to it. Having said that, nothing is tacky looking or kiddish, just perfect colours and textures to flatter sunkissed skin and beachy waves. 

There's emeralds, smoky lilacs and and rustic coppers to give it that effortlessly cool vibe. I'd personally wear just a statement necklace, a quirky bracelet or a bold ring from the Floria Collection with my beach holiday outfit. 

On the other hand, their Freshwater Pearl Collection is elegant, smooth and delicate. The shape and texture of these stones look quite authentic as they are real cultured freshwater pearls, giving them that slightly expensive and exquisite look and feel. The pale silver, soft champagne's and bright magenta pinks in this collection make me feel they'd be fit for a summer wedding. 

It would perfectly compliment structured cuts, crisp neutrals or bold bright shoes. Finish off your summer wedding look with a loose, textured up-do and strappy sandals and voila! 

If you are huge on scarves and snoods even in the warmer months like myself, you'll love their collection of edgy prints. Available in lightweight breathable textures, they are perfect to style for the festival season. In particular, I love their black and white mini heart print snood and taupe and beige star print snood. Both of them are perfect to thrown on over blue denims, a white tee and flats to add some oomph to an easy everyday look. 


My Current Celebrity Hair Crushes

This lady here, never fails to impress. Of course she can stick to her traditionally pretty looking, flawless, voluminious locks. But I love the fact that she experiments so frequently and isn't afraid to push boundaries. Having said that, it's genius how queen bey's style is so wearable and relatable, hardly ever too edgy, daring or rebellious like Rihanna's. These super long braids have recently been my favourite look of her's before she set off on tour this year. The overall effect is just so laid back, low maintenance and boho-chic for Spring/Summer. It contrasts so well with her super chic and structured outfits and looks flattering with flowy maxis. If you can find a good afro hair salon, you can replicate Beyonce's braids too!

This gorgeous dame here is someone I (and the entire world) am obsessed with. She's simply so relatable and I love watching her interviews. She's just so much at peace and carefree and her personality surely captures your first. Although in Lupita's case, it doesn't hurt to have flawless skin and inspirational hair. Her no fuss attitude to hair is to die for. She loves to style it in different ways but always keeps it natural. The most I've seen her experiment with it is via a tint of purple colour for a red carpet recently. Although I love my long hair, I feel she's the only celebrity that can pull off the short bob look the best in my opinion. She's the perfect example of ditching those weaves and hair extensions and going au naturale once in a while and accepting your natural hair texture, quite brilliantly. 

Gina Torres is a well known face but to be honest I've only ever seen her on Netflix in Suits. After back to back episodes of the cult-favourite law drama, it's simply so hard to ignore her character 'Jessica Pearson', her styling, hair and make-up. She's usually seen with glamorous curls, waves, a Kate Middletone-esque blow dry or sleek, straight hair, depending on the season you're watching. Her face shape and features just make her pull off all these hairstyles and more with so much ease. If you are ever planning to get a hair weave done at an afro salon, she's the perfect hairspiration to keep it natural, polished and chic. Nothing over the top or difficult to sport, simply perfect for all occasions and outfits. 

Nathalie Emmanuel is a British actress who I've recently had a girl crush on via Game of Thrones. It's quite obvious that 'Khaleesi' has beautiful tresses and we all know how the ethereal platinum locks are all faux. But Nathalie playing her helper since season 3, has made me take more notes of her hair instead. It's simple and untampered keeping in mind that Game of Thrones is set in the 'olden' (read mythical) days, however the texture of her locks, those tight spiral and voluminous bunch of tresses that have been given the most flattering cut in history are effortlessly stunning and frame her delicate, baby face almost in a customised manner. Of course that coppery colour with hints of honey and caramel is something you can definitely show hairdressers at an afro hair salon to replicate the youthful look. 


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

This stuff is actually the bomb. I read so many bloggers raving about it and thought I needed to try it out for myself. I love the name! It shows how confident Too Faced is in their formulation. They've tried their best to make the mascara tub appear seductive and lush. The glossy texture, the heavy feel and the dusky pink colour all adds to making it appear, well...sexy! 

The formulation itself is quite lush. It's creamy yet not too goopy or watery - just perfect. I feel the beaut is perfect at thickening the lashes and adding more volume to them. So if you're like me and have naturally long lashes but without a speck of colour or volume, you need this baby in your life. It literally transform them into a false lash effect without looking over the top, if that makes sense. 

The effect is the right amount of glamour, without looking trashy. The formulation is buildable so you take a good few minutes to build it if you like but in my case I've found, it coats, thickens and plumps up the lashes in under a minutes time. Perfect for everyday wear when you really do not have the time to build those lashes patiently. 

The hourglass brush is also great at getting every single lash with ease. It may appear chunky in the pictures above but in reality is quite easily workable. If you are looking for a luxurious, lash thickening and volumising mascara that delivers carbon black lashes, then this is just perfect. No flaking or smudging, the fast drying formula is great for on-the-go lash plumping emergencies.