Ultrasound Lipsuction - Non Surgical & Permanent Inch Loss

Has it ever happened to you that no matter how many months of clean eating, carb counting and religious fitness blender workouts you indulge in, there's still a fatty layer of bulge somewhere on your body which simply doesn't seem to shift? A problem area, call it love handles, a muffin top, flappy arms or thunder thighs, is one you have been battling with since years. Even when you drop sizes, it's that particular area that does not dissolve and rather stands out like a sore thumb. 

Ultrasound liposuction is the ultimate remedy for those stubborn fattiness. It's the modern, well developed and convenient alternative to liposuction surgery. Perfect for bums and tums, the painfree and effective treatment has quickly gained popularity due to it's affordability and accessibility. How it works is by transmitting sound waves to areas you want to loose inches at. This dissolves fat cells and prevents their re-growth. So unlike diets and workouts where fat cells only decrease in size, ultrasound liposuction promises to zap away the root cause from particular areas of the body, so you are left with a reshaped body that's more proportionate. 

I am a firm believer in working out and eating clean and the fact that magical inch loss treatments are not the way to go. However, I feel this is more of a spot treatment for problematic areas rather than an overall inch loss solution. You have to maintain a low carb diet and workout regularly after the treatment for fantastic results. The fat cells are dissolved into the blood stream and processed by the body via the liver, in case you were wondering where all those inches go once they are melted via the treatment. 

Claire, owner of The Body Sculpt Clinic is one of the best in the industry for ultrasound liposuction and has a clinic based at Brentwood, Essex. Get in touch with her at 020 7183 2731 to book yourself in for a trial. She is currently offering a trial consultation for a dirt cheap £25, to give you a gist of what the treatment is like, allow you to feel it on your body, go through your medical history and answer your burning questions. 

Offers at her clinic include deals such as a course of 6 ultrasound liposuction treatments for £330 instead of the regular £660, which is quite a tempting offer. The 50 minute treatment treatment also includes radio frequency which then tightens the skin in the area so you can benefit from an overall taut, smooth and younger looking body. Now that Summer's here and it's time to bare those bodies on sunny shores, it's the perfect time to opt for the treatment as a helping hand alongside those protein shakes and detox teas you've been gulping away. With visible results seen under 6 sessions and a guarantee to see those inches melting away, it's already made it's way to top 3 on my wish-list. 



Glossybox June

This has to be one of my favourite boxes from Glossybox till date. Firstly, it comes with a lot of full sized products. Almost all of them to be precise, unless you can spot a sample? I can't. Secondly, there's more make-up in it than other beauty bits which always wins those brownie points. We're a community of bloggers obsessed with all things make-up, how much ever skincare and haircare tries to make it's way into our favourites. There's new beauty brands that we are introduced to namely So Susan via it's concealer quad and the flat stiff eye shadow brush by Teeez. Such wonderful packaging of the latter and such a handy product, the former. Now of course don't expect tremendous pigmentation from the concealer quad but it's a decent one when popped into a beauty box as such. Throw in a cult-favourite mascara from L'Oreal, a neat top coat and a much needed organic anti-perspirant spray from Rituals and it's a recipe for sure success. It's not always that I bring to use all products from a beauty box but this month, none of these beauts are going to be passed on to friends and family, apologies in advance gang! Summer is the best time to subscribe to Glossybox as they do brilliant boxes for the season and there's always some lovely holiday and festival bits to collect.