L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre 2 Brush-on Dip Dye

Like skinny jeans, I have an undying love for ombre. A walking ambassador for the hair colour trend that's been doing the runway rounds since 2012, I can talk you into getting a dip-dye done in 5 minutes. Having experimented with various products, salon based and drug store ones for achieving this sun kissed hair look, I've finally found one that I can rely on and recommend without thinking twice. It's the cult-favourite L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre 2 Dark Blonde to Medium Brown

I believe this comes in 3 shades or intensities if you like and you're meant to choose one based on your original hair colour. Now, I have used the Wild Ombre 1 in the past, which is for light brown to dark brown hair and it hardly showed up on my pitch black hair and rather with some pesky brassy hints to it. I opted for the kit aimed at lighter hair this time and voila, it worked much better at achieving the results I wanted. 

Pure dark blonde, caramel like locks with hints of honey in it but seriously, no orange mess at all. If you have Indian hair, you'll know how painstakingly difficult it is to get it to change pigment. This one however worked like a dream. I left it on my hair for about 45 minutes and voila! I noticed the hair looked lighter over the next few days, which is always a bonus so don't judge it on the very day you colour it. 

The brush that comes with it of course makes the entire process a whole lot easier. You wouldn't want chunks of concentrated colour and unless you're a pro hairdresser, the brush will help with separation and even distribution. The kit is bleaching your hair at the end of the day so do expect a bunch of dehydrated tresses, however nothing that cannot be solved by slathering a good hair mask on the ends. 

For £8.29, the kit will save you tonnes on a salon trip and maintenance. If you don't get the colour you want in the first go, simply re-do with the kit a few weeks later and you'll see a difference. I also used an ash blonde hair colour to add more cool tones to my locks and followed up with a violet shampoo to tone down any brassiness and maintain the colour. Reviews for those to follow up soon!



Eleni Skincare - Working at a Cellular Level

Founded by a South African businessman suffering from psoriasis, Eleni is the result of years of laboratory research with a passion to breakthrough into the skincare industry like no other. Eleni skincare is based on the concept of natural and scientifically derived ingredients such as Liposomal Technology, Matrixyl, Peptides and Hyluronic Acid. 

As a consumer, it's frustrating to let alone find the right skincare but also make sure through trial and error if it actually works in sync with your skin. Hence I love it when brands do all the hard work for you and can promise with 100% guarantee that their products will actually work and show effective results. Eleni Skincare is all about product skin cell penetration and working with skin on a cellular level. Their skincare has the ability to deliver ingredients deeper into the skin, where they can work actively at solving appropriate skin concerns such as dehydration, ageing or blemishes. 

Their Eye Contour Smoothing Cream is quite interesting with the inclusion of the cult-favourite ingredient namely Matrixyl which is known to give a collagen boost by 105% compared to usual anti-ageing ingredients. It also helps boost our favourite skincare ingredient - Hyaluronic Acid dramatically in the skin for fuller and plumper looking skin. All this happening around the eye area is sure to reverse the evil ravages of time and fade those pesky crows feet and ageing fine lines in 8 weeks time! 

Although skincare should be a lifestyle change, such products are perfect to use prior to a special occasion or a wedding in the Summer when you want to look your best. Did you know that a particular product in Boots by it's No.7 range got sold out in Ireland when consumers discovered it had Matrixyl as one of the ingredients? Being in such popular demand, you can actually only try it out for £35 via Eleni's Eye Contour Smoothing Cream. 

Their Reconstruction Serum also tickles my fancy and I'm so close to splurging on it as an early birthday present for my mum. Obsessed with a wish-list full of anti-ageing treatments, she would be pleased to discover this peptide and anti-oxidant packed serum can achieve similar results in a few weeks time. Eleni have a clever sampling system where one can try out their products in travel sized pots to see how it works with their skin. Cobbling together five of their best sellers, you can sample their skincare selection for only £24. 

So whether you are in your 50's and still haven't found effective skincare that can actually deliver results and lead to healthier skin or in your late 20's like myself, wanting to battle the effects of ageing before they hit you hard, Eleni is a must-try! 


Love Me Beauty Box June

Love Me Beauty Box for June had a nice pattern, quite a Summer holiday feel to it. I loved the inclusion of more make-up bits than skincare and all that jazz. Now don't get me wrong, I love my skin loving products but nothing can beat the excitement of discovering new make-up products. 

The NYX Nail Polish, the baby pink, slightly shimmery lip gloss and the beauty uk eyeshadow palette are all such useful gems. I would personally leave behind my Urban Decay Naked palette for travel and rather let such a dinky palette rattle around in airport luggage. Albeit an inexpensive one, it performs decently with sheer pigmentation and a subtle finish. The magenta coloured nail paint is so pretty with it's purple duo chrome in certain lighting. Would look fabulous paired with a maxi, in the sun. 

The Urbanveda Purifying day cream has landed at my doorstep at the correct time as well. With my skin breaking out like never before and for reasons unknown, this shall be a keeper on the bedside table. As for the Montagne Jeunesse face mask, I am yet to try the magic of Brazilian mud on face but nonetheless, it's an exciting product for me as I haven't tried out anything from the cult-favourite range of face masks till date. On the whole, quite a lovely box as you do get three full sized make-up items in the price and two skincare samples to try out. 

Essential Travel Makeup Brushes for Summer

Summer is the ultimate time when most of us will be travelling. Be it for music concerts, festivals, exotic holidays, seeing friends & family abroad or simply some off-duty time to relax and rejuvenate for the year ahead. Whatever the case, if you're a women, you will know it's extremely difficult it is to pack clothes, accessories, shoes and let alone make-up! With so much stash gathered through out the year, it's impossible and almost unfair for the women-kind to select what bits to leave behind. And if you've got make-up sorted, it's the dreaded decision of choosing what makeup brushes to pop into your travel bag. The issue I face almost every time I try to pack is that my make-up brush handles are a bit too big to fit into a travel case. Heck even the brush hairs are so full and fluffy that I can hardly get them to squeeze in. 

Hence my decision to indulge in a travel make-up brush set that's made to behave compact and fit in even your dinky handbag if need be. The one I have is from glowbeautyshop.com and comes in a set of 12 make up brushes. They aren't exactly short handled but short enough to fit into the leather like mock croc case it comes with. I like that the brushes are a mix of synthetic and goat hairs so you get the best of both worlds in case you need to work with different textures. There's a good few synthetic brushes that I found quite useful for a slap of eye shadow and some precise concealing under the eyes. Eye brow and eye liner needs are also fulfilled with two precise brushes that do a good job at concentrating colour in a certain area. 

I wish the concealer brush variations were few as they are kind of similar to each other and instead could have been replaced by different shaped brushes. But besides that, I cannot fault the brush set. The goat hair brushes are soft and flexible, perfect for bronzer, powder, highlighter and blusher. I love the fact that the brush hairs aren't too flimsy but the right amount of soft for spot-on application. The addition of a duo fibre stippling brush is quite a surprising addition, considering it's decent quality. Overall, the brushes are sturdy with no loose ferrule's or shedding as of yet. For £7.99, the set is fabulous value for money. I'd personally reserve it only for outings, long weekends or impulse holidays and leave it in my travel bag so I don't have to faff around on the last minute!


Claudia Louch Chamomile Facial Wash

Amidst all the balm and oil cleansers hyped and raved about by industry experts and bloggers alike, I've found love for something that's not a novelty in texture but instead effective in it's approach. I feel it doesn't have to have a certain on-trend texture or consistency to become my favourite. What matters is how well it performs and how quickly at that. 

The ingredients in this baby are perfect for my current skin that's erupted in a sudden cluster of breakouts. No rhyme or reason, just happened. I feel other face washes aggravate it very quickly and this has been that stable rock that I've been relying on recently for vain affairs. It doesn't block pores and is free from all those skin aggravating fragrances and chemicals. 

The formula of it is nourishing, hydrating and mildly cleansing. Nothing too pore stripping or skin clogging. I like to opt for this instead of the usual balm cleansers because all that richness and oils in those just does not suit my skin when it's erupted suddenly. This I feel hits middle ground where it feels cooling, light and gentle whilst adding a dash of hydration so face isn't left feeling taut after use. 

It doesn't lather or foam as much creating bubbles or anything fairy liquid like at that but rather turns into a dense, mousse like formula that you can massage skin with in the shower. I follow it up with some acid exfoliation, a clay mask and sealed off with a layer of facial oil, hoping skin will soon glow like Caroline Hirons.