Scalp Micropigmentation as a hair loss solution

Scalp Micropigmentation has been around for a while as a hair loss solution but is increasingly gaining popularity these days due to it's convenience, low maintenance and affordable costs. Skalp.com has been receiving a huge amount of positive feedback and rave reviews online and are the best in the field when it comes to this bespoke hair loss treatment, with clinic locations in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. Specialists with 10 years of experience in the field are available at hand to provide unbiased advice and bespoke solutions. Scalp Micropigmentation is a hair loss solution, specifically for men who have suffered from premature balding, crown balding or a receding hairline. The treatment that's closest to being described as a medical tattoo, aims to create an illusion of hair follicles on the scalp, using a mix of 3-4 shades to create a realistic shadow. 

The overall effect is meant to successfully give an illusion of a cropped haircut that one has opted for by choice, instead of premature balding. A process which can be completed over a period of 3 sessions is a long-lasting solution that doesn't really require touch ups or maintenance unlike other hair loss treatments. It aesthetically works at providing a person with confidence when suffering from hair loss. Not to forget the bad ass look instantly works at taking years off your face! Having witnessed quite a few balding men in my family, I can absolutely see Scalp Micropigmentation being a fabulous pick-me-up for men wanting to enjoy Summer, festivals, holidays abroad, beach outings without having to worry about their hair. 

What's amazing is that unlike other hair loss solutions, the treatment is water proof so rain or shine, there's no need to be constantly worried about your hairstyle. The fact that you can choose a hairline design to suit your face shape and bring out your features is fantastic in my opinion and unlike any other hair loss treatments. Perfect for those with a strong jawline and pronounced features. Scalp Micropigmentation is also great I've heard for camouflaging signs of alopecia, burns and scars from hair transplant surgery. 

With so much debate going around online on hair loss treatments and solutions, it's great to know there's an option out there that men (and women!) can fall back on. If Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel and other such Hollywood A-listers can make the cropped hair style look in-trend, then it's hardly a compromise for the person suffering from hair loss. So ladies, if you have dads, boyfriends or brothers suffering from hair loss and thinning, tell them about Scalp Micropigmentation or even better, book them in for a free consultation with one of the specialists at Skalp.com who will genuinely educate the person concerned and help answer any queries or solve hesitations. If there's nothing  you can do to stop hair loss, at least deal with it confidently using this treatment. 


Organic Surge Gardeners Hand Scrub & Hand Cream

Who's guilty of ignoring those hard working hands when it comes to providing them  some TLC? *both hands up*.  I shall blame the lack of exciting products out there that simply don't keep me engaged for consistent use. Hence when Organic Surge introduced their Gardeners range, I did get up my from my seat to take a good peek at it. The hand scrub is ingenious. Why wasn't there one before in every Superdrug and Boots eh? 

We use our hands the most, even more than our faces but still all we have to exfoliate them is the option of an expensive salon manicure or a good old body scrub. The fact that Organic Surge have bravely plastered 'hand scrub' over this duck egg green tub is enough to sell it to me for it's novelty. It stays near my sink now and bemuses guests when they scoop out some and end up loving it. I used it for an at-home mani that I like to indulge in occasionally and this worked wonders for it. 

The formula is gentle yet has the right amount of grains in it to slough off dead skin cells and reveal visibly radiant and softer skin. It's so convenient to use due to the tub format and now every other day I spend a minute or two, massaging my hands away with this baby. The hand cream on the other hand, albeit not as innovative an idea as it's counterpart, is nonetheless a gorgeous option to slap on after using the hand scrub. 

It smells fresh and therapeutic and cocoons hands in a layer of hydration that lasts for hours without the need of topping up. Having said, there isn't a speck of greasiness involved which makes me a happy bunny. Now I'm not a gardening person at all. I can't tell one plant from another for the life of me but somehow end up with hands and fingers that look like I've been digging away the entire day. If you suffer from chapped, rough, parched hands like myself, gardener or not, you'll need this by your bedside or sink. 


How to wear red fearlessly this season

Like a little black dress. Ditch those boring browns and blacks this Summer and opt for something vibrant, timeless and classic. What better than ravishing red eh? It's the perfect colour to compliment a tan or flatter that pale, English rose skin. It can instantly make you look alive, glamorous and simply stunning. Pair with grey glossy stilettos and a soft grey bertie leather handbag and voila, your red carpet inspired look is sorted! Perfect if you've worked hard at achieving a new figure for the warmer months as the bold shade will help flaunt every curve.

How about a daring jumpsuit? Whether it's a backless, full sleeved, cowl neck or waist nipping one, it's the most full-on way to show your love for the colour. Perfect for the ladies who don't like showing a lot of skin through dresses and skirts. I personally love this option for girls with thigh problems as it will only make the curves look better. A drop dead diva look for cocktail parties, summer weddings and holidays abroad, pair it with a dark blue leather clutch and black strappy sandals.

With white and gold. A sleeveless sheer red blouse, paired with crisp white trousers and a crisp white blazer, paired with pastel peep toes or if you are tall, interesting brogues is a less girly way to flaunt the sexy colour this season. Be it for an office party or an evening event, adding in a little bit of red to the outfit will instantly add an interesting touch. Finish off the lock with delicate gold accessories and a claudia dark blue padded leather handbag. Office chic at it's best.

As a top coat. A khaki green parka is doing you no favours in the fashion department this Summer. It dulls your complexion and gives you a I'm-recycling-my-parka-from-2012 kind of look. Albeit not an on-trend colour for cover-up's, it's quite a classic colour to invest in if you're not a fan of pastels or neons dominating the fashion industry this season. Red looks great with black, white, navy or green outfits underneath and is the perfect way to add some life to muted neutrals that you're wearing underneath. 


Wedding Umbrellas for Women

If you are planning to get married in Britain this Summer, you must know the climate is not to be trusted. You may be sure of sunny spells weeks before your wedding day, but it may be no surprise if you get poured on instead! Can you imagine the devastation of ruining those gorgeous bridal shoes and that dress you have been saving for months? Not to forget the fleet of bridesmaids squabbling in their wet attire and now messy hair-do's. Wedding Umbrellas are quite a lovely concept just for us brits purely for the weather fluctuation and it's inability to stay stable. 

Of course you want everything to be picture perfect that day, so umbrellas from WHSmith will unfortunately not cut the mustard. The Umbrella Shop is a family run business and has been supplying bridal umbrellas from years.They know what's required of that day and what will keep the bride, bridesmaids and guests happy that day hence their selection is impeccable and everything you have dreamt of. I quite like how their fancy umbrellas are almost like a style statement. They are so intricately designed and look so decadent that it almost merges with the outfit, instead of clashing with it. 

Whether it's via sparkly handles, domed designs, antique floral art print, pagoda style brollies, metallic gold material or splash love heart shaped umbrellas, each of them is selected for a wedding in mind. Choose one based on the theme of your wedding, your bridal dress and bridesmaids ensemble. Play around with a theme so if you are going for something like old Hollywood glamour, opt for a birdcage domed umbrella that's transparent and if it's a modern fairytale like theme you're into for your wedding, a pagoda style umbrella in frosted pink will make you look like a modern day Cinderella instantly, be it rain or shine. 

Seeing a few wedding pictures online, it's so adorable how couples are using wedding umbrellas in photo shoots. They picture brilliantly hence it's vital to invest in a special one that will look classic in photos even after decades. Most of the wedding umbrellas from The Umbrella Shop offer 95% UV protection so you don't have to worry about sun spots and age related pigmentation on your very special day! Their handles are sturdy and the fibreglass ribs offer flexibility and strength on those ridiculously windy days. 

The splash love square shaped wedding umbrellas I thought were a match made in heaven for the groom. In a masculine enough design and neutral shades of indigo, grey and white, it looks exclusive and would surely feel luxurious enough to match with that expensive wedding suit. So if you're planning a wedding this summer, amidst all the venue hunting and dress spotting dilemmas, don't forget to invest in a good old wedding umbrella to avoid ruining your special day.