Sponsored Video: Levi's Tailor Shop

Levi's have decided that summer calls for festivals and holidays, which obviously call for denims and what denims call for is naturally some customisation. Hence introducing Levi's Tailor Shop for all those thigh fitting and bum lifting dilemmas solved. I'm not sure how guys like their denims but I'm going to talk for the ladies today.

Being a curvy girl myself, I've never been fully satisfied with jeans. I'm also guilty of never owning a pair of Levi's which I shall solve this Summer by indulging in one. But seriously, which curvy curl is ever completely thrilled with a ready made pair of jeans? Too long, too short, too tight, too snug and if none of those exists, boring and common are the words we use if our denims look just like everyone else's. Hence at Levi's Tailor Shop, customisation is key for all the denim queens out there. 

Whether you want leg alterations done, get your vintage pair repaired, get them tapered or want to give them a personal touch with some monogramming or a few 90's inspired badges, your wish shall be their tailors command. With this seasons catwalk shows being high on bespoke, funky denims paired with something girly and dressy to create a sports chic look, there's never been a better time to convert to denims and pair them with metallic sandals and a birkin bag. 

If you are a London dweller, you're lucky enough to tap into embroidery options at their Regent Street store. Graphic Artist Ferry Gouw will be on hand to present you with ten limited edition designs to have plastered on your pair of Levi's. I personally would opt for a carpenter style, boyfriend jeans from Levi's and get an American flag badge somewhere near the knee with faint ripped detailing or perhaps a monogram badge. Classic and comfortable. 

Follow Levis on Twitter via @Levi's_UK and use the hashtag #levistailorshop if you indulge in one of their customised offerings. 

*Sponsored by Levi's UK. 


Temporary tattoos & styling them this season

Whether it's a hens party, a festival, music concert, holiday abroad, Halloween (it will be here in no time!) or the world cup, temporary tattoos have never failed to amp up the celebratory spirit and give a fun, fashionable look. I particularly love them for kids and teens. It's a much classier option compared to a full on face paint in my opinion! Also the fact that it's much more low maintenance and easy to remove unlike face paint, makes it a much better option for slapping onto kids and teens for fancy dress. Also pushes permanent tattoo wanting's aside as who seriously wants a life long commitment when you have these slap-flaunt-peel options available. 

As I child I was always quite amazed with temporary tattoos. They somehow emitted a sense of coolness, edgy and rebellious nature that every teen wanted to adhere to. As an adult however, I feel there are much more discreet and stylish ways of sporting temporary tattoos with an outfit of the day. With ankle grazer jeans and cut out boots, a hippy themed tattoo would look brilliant peeping out oh-so-subtly, midway between the ankles and the boots. Another grown up way to pair them with a fashionable outfit is to have them plastered on the back, having it show through a strappy maxi, perhaps on the beach? And with all these sheer, translucent shirts in vogue these days, there's only more ways to have an uber cool tattoo peep through it, almost mysteriously. 

A great way to add a finishing touch to a little black dress, temporary tattoos can transform a boring outfit and add a breath of fresh air to it. As the wedding season is here come scorching Summer, I can see these being in rage for hen nights for a little bit of cheeky fun. If you are a mum, you must know how constant entertainment is needed for your little one. Star temporary tattoos or Pirate theme ones will instantly make your little munchkin feel special, especially for a fancy dress.

Above's a video on how to apply them, it's that easy! Most people like myself get it's application wrong by either smothering a tonne of water or peeling off the paper when the tattoo's actually setting. Less is more peeps and patience is key if you want a sterling application.


How to Stimulate Natural Hair Growth

Scalp Massage. The rhythmic movement of fingers tapping on the scalp is the most easy and convenient way to get blood flow directed slowly but surely towards the scalp. Increased blood flow and oxygen flow can help kick start dormant follicles and slow hair growth, as blood hardly reaches the scalp when not indulging in a scalp massage. A great one for those with normal, dense hair who simply want to speed up hair growth. 

Derma Roller. This handheld device with needles is meant to trigger hair growth by stimulating hair follicles. Particularly useful for those who are suffering from bald patches, receding hairline and wide parting as rolling the device to and fro, diagonally can help with stimulating natural hair growth. As always, causing  'trauma' to the scalp area causes blood flow and oxygen supply to rush through the are like never before promoting better hair growth. 

Hair Mask & Steam. Steam is another way to open up hair follicles and allow haircare products to actually penetrate into the scalp to deliver results. A good old hair steam on the scalp area can help reduce congestion of follicles due to using shampoos, conditioners and other hair styling products, allowing the scalp to breathe. Followed by a nourishing or clearing hair mask, scalp can be rejuvenated and energised for thicker and faster hair growth. Particularly useful salon treatment for those with scanty, limpy hair.

Cleansing/Clarifying Shampoos. Product build-up can indirectly have a negative impact on hair growth. Months of using shampoos containing harmful chemicals can cause a build-up not only on your tresses but also clog up your scalp. This can prevent hair from growing as effectively and quickly as it would otherwise. Just like how skin needs to be cleansed, similar hair strands and follicles need to be clarified. 

Haircut. Something as simple as a professional salon haircut can take the weight off your scalp. If you suffer from excessive hair fall, a good old haircut can help lighten those locks and allow more movement and flexibility. A haircut can have a massive effect on how much stress you are putting on your scalp. Opt for layers and feathers that will help reduce hair fall and consequently improve hair  growth. 


Sweatshirt Chic: Festival & Holiday Must-Have

The ease of throwing on a sweatshirt is pure bliss. It's one item from the wardrobe that can live up to every fashionista's bench mark of stepping out of the house looking fabulous. At the same time, the all rounder resides permanently in the wardrobes of girls who would only read fashion blogs at gunpoint. It's comfortable, airy - depending on how thick or thin it is, effortlessly cool, figure flattering and almost a no-brainer apparel piece to have in your festival and holiday travel bag. The days of storing away a sweatshirt for winters are gone, so pull out your favourite one to don at windy festivals in the UK or breezy summer evenings at a tropical beach. 

With a pencil or pleated skirt. The trend has been repeatedly flaunted by celebrities, of short statures and curvy frames alike. My absolute favourite way to don the trend is to experiment with sequin pencil skirts, metallic numbers and short pleated pastel skirts. The glamorous bottom half of the outfit in this look highly contrasts with the laid back top half, making the look a perfect combination of casual chic. Complete the look with a C Claudia leather handbag from Vanilla Paris. Perfect for festivals in sunny climes. 

With denims. This look is the natural one that pops up in a thought cloud when you spot a sweatshirt. Be it high waist denims and a crop top sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans and a fitted sweatshirt, skinny jeans and an oversized sweatshirt or ripped, distressed jeans and a dressy sweatshirt - it's a fashion look that has never failed in history. Team it up with an H Alexa leather handbag from Vanilla Paris to complete the sports luxe look. Perfect for festivals in Britain when you can be poured on at any time! 

With shorts. For a rock chic, biker girl inspired look, this effortlessly cool combination tops the list. Pair it with sneakers or heels depending on the effect you're going after. Contrast the sweatshirt and denims, colour block it, play around with pastels and neons, printed shorts or graphic print tees, I personally am a fan of the look (on others of course!) for it's simplicity, casualness and absolutely zero effort. I'd team the look with a H Bella leather handbag that will add a hint of girliness to the outfit whilst still staying sporty. A match made in heaven with a sandy beach in the evening.