Rituals Honey Touch: Indian Rose & Himalayan Honey Body Cream

I am not a huge fan of body creams and come Summer, all that body hydration necessities take a back seat as I rely on natural oils and humidity to do the job for me instead. The only body cream that I have gotten myself to use recently is the Honey Touch one by Rituals. With the texture of this concoction being soft and fluffy yet buttery and velvety when absorbed into the skin, it provides a light veil of hydration whilst still making skin feel light and fresh. The scent of it is perfectly feminine, floral and sweet whilst still incorporating a whiff of summer shot through it. The delicious Indian hints of romantic rose and scrumptious honey remind me of summer evenings and beach holidays! The tub itself is packaged beautifully in a glossy and sleek red and grey container. It's hydration levels last long on my skin so there's no need to top up in between. Keep it on your bedside table, in the shower or in your travel bag, it's a gorgeous one to have this season for a very reasonable £17. It reminds me of the cult-favourite Kiehl's one but much less greasier in texture. 



Monu Illuminating Primer SPF15

I sound like a bit of a primer nerd with consequent posts on skin bases lately but I have to say I have quite been enjoying this Monu Illuminating Primer this season. I usually don't care about primers as I feel they are only an extra added step in skincare which can be skipped quite frankly. However this one by Monu has a lush texture and absorbs quite well in the skin. 

It's free from added colours and scents hence making it suitable for sensitive skin. Although it feels thick and creamy on application, it's quite lightweight on the skin and leaves behind a demi-matte, silky finish with a slightly radiant effect. Quite a lovely one to slather under matte finish or high coverage foundations to sheer them out a little and to make skin shine through. 

It is pretty good at oil absorbing as I didn't notice any smudging, smearing or oily patches on the skin after a day of wearing this. I did however find it a little drying around the nose area or wherever you have dry patches so do moisturise and exfoliate well before popping this on to the skin. Of course, it has sun protection which helps and Vitamin E which we all can never have enough of. Besides that, it's paraben free, anti-ageing and light reflecting, making it a gorgeous one to slap on even on it's own on a good skin day or paired with a tan on a holiday.

Perfect for those with combination skin types who suffer from dehydration, dullness and early signs of ageing. 


Pur Minerals Start Now Skincare Edition

I've been a huge fan of Pur Minerals since I've been introduced to the brand. The formulations are high quality, thought after and quite simply, absolutely lush to use! I believe them to be one of those luxury mineral skincare brands that always work, regardless. 

I am in love with this Start Now Kit from them recently. It contains key essentials that you need to take with you on a holiday or as the kit says, to get you started for Summer skincare. Containing a detox clay mask, an intense moisturiser, an oil based cleansing fluid and a hydrating mist cum make-up setter, it's the grown up version of all the basic starter kits you'll ever come across. 

I like how they have simplified product  use at the back of the kit specifying that the hydrating mist and the clay mask are clearly for use in the morning and at night respectively. The oil based cleanser and moisturiser on the other can be used during mornings or evenings, depending on your preference. 

If you have a niece, a friend or even a mum starting out with skincare, this is the best thing to introduce them too instead of the gimmicky cleanse-tone-hydrate kits available in the market. I feel this is more of an educated version of the simplistic options that other brands make so surely check it out. I believe you can get this at M&S Beauty and whilst you're at it, check out their range of lip butters and face powders which are equally lush on the skin. 


NYX Pore Filler

If you like me were always bothered about enlarged pores and wanted a base product that could even out things in the large pore, oily skin department, then this will be right up your street. The product is a filler and primer in one. It smooths out skin's imperfections like fine lines and large pores, allowing skin to appear better and all prepped for makeup application. 

The silicon like nature of the product also helps absorb any excess oils on the face, giving you a demi-matte appearance. I quite like that it's not extremely strong and is rather a modern, wearable formula that isn't too pore-clogging or drying, well at least on my combination-oily skin. If you do have dry, mature skin and you're using this to disguise pores then it's wise to exfoliate and moisturise before hand and apply this on top for superficial imperfections. 

For those with fairly decent skin this summer or those who'll just be happy with an even tan, this can work on it's own to keep skin looking matte and even. I also use it around the under eye area for any fine line filling and it does a subtle yet effective job at blurring and softening. 

The product comes out in a light nude shade but applies colourless on the skin and doesn't leave behind a tint of any sort. It's light and fluffy and there's none of that pesky crumbling with over application. For £12.50, it's not a bad bargain at all if blotting sheets alone aren't cutting it for you.