Claudia Louch Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

This baby is 94% natural and contains cucumber and chamomile extracts. Now that screams 'calming' on it's own. What's not to like sensitive eye sufferers and my contact-lens-wearing-make-up-loving clan! This product is almost like water in it's consistency hence reminding me of Bioderma's range to quite an extent. The extremely lush packaging however changed my view immediately about its similarities to Bioderma. Also the fact that Claudia Louch has a Dermatology Clinic on Harley Street helps in trusting the brand a lot more. 

If you're expecting full fledged, one swipe does it all results from this, then this isn't your cup of tea I'm afraid. I feel it's suitable for those of you who like to wear a single eye shadow and a quick coat of mascara like myself for everyday wear. It gently helps dissolve make-up without any signs of irritation or stinging at all. No more tears! I can even remove eye makeup with this whilst wearing contacts and it does the job victoriously. 

Its a modern formula leading me to assume one day all make-up removers will be something like this. Of course there will also be a group of consumers who will unconditionally love their oil based makeup removers but I was never one of them hence such contemporary, fuss-free formulas never fail to impress me. The eye area is left feeling refreshed and squeaky clean after use. I have also been a little cheeky and have been using this to remove rest of the make-up on the face as well. It is a huge bottle at the end of the day!

It's allergy tested, free from chemicals and parabens, does not block pores and retails for an almost reasonable price of £37.40. If you have the cash to spare then this is a great one to have in your skincare wardrobe. 

Superdrug BB Eye Cream

I love it when a brand comes up with a completely new product. I mean of course we have the usual under eye illuminators in the name of YSL Touche Eclat and the likes of it but a BB cream for eyes, now that's a unique one. Give it a few days and brands will be coming up with similar 'innovations' but I quite like that Superdrug has taken the lead this time.

This one's not illuminating but like a BB cream is rather camouflaging and concealing. It's like a lighter version of your regular concealer. It dries to a demi-matte finish, helps conceal shadows and hide hideous eye bags. I'm not really sure how many shades this comes in but I personally have the Medium one which is a lovely, warm, olive undertoned peachy yellow. How freaking fantastic is that? It's MAC's NC35 shade sheered out in a tube.

It's even darker than the skin on the back of my hand if you can see above. But a lovely one to counteract those bluish-purple under eye circles and pigmentation around the mouth area. No, this wouldn't be your concealer for hiding blemishes and scars unless this is your exact skin shade. It's more of a corrector for darker areas of the face in my opinion.

The finish of it is more matte and silky than dewy and radiant. It's not going to reflect light off areas of the face but rather help correct them so you can apply an illuminator on top if you'd like. If you are on the hunt for a light weight concealer that's  moderately pigmented, creases less and is affordable, this one for £6.99 is a must-try.