Label M Texturising Volume Spray

If you've got a sensitive scalp like mine that's waiting to erupt in an unexpected flaky mess, you will know how difficult it is to use hair volumising powders. I used to swear by my all time favourite OSIS and always had a back-up in my handbag for on the go hair volumising emergencies. Yes they exist. It however took me a very long time to realise that it wasn't suitable for my poor sensitive scalp and left it extremely itchy, flaky and red. 

I couldn't find anything to replace the beloved Schwarzkopf production and for the sake of my scalps health and to avoid any more hair falling due to that, I had to compromise with the volume around the crown area and started living with limp hair. Can you imagine the stress it must have caused to a hair obsessed person like me? 

Only recently during London Fashion Week did I come across this baby and oh boy is it a gorgeous formulation or what. It was apparently responsible for all those high barnets you must have seen strutting on the runway this season. What I love about this is that it doesn't come in contact with the scalp at all. Because it's in a spray format, it works pretty much like a texturising powder but without having to rub it into the roots. 

I've tried many volumising sprays before and nothings worked as good. Sprays most often don't work for me in the volume department but this is an exception that I will have to re-purchase once I'm out of it. It creates immediate volume around the crown area also works to add a dash of oomph on the tresses. 

So if you're looking for that hair va-va-voomer for this season, give this one a try. It's perfect for textured up-do's, beehive buns, beachy waves or just to mimic a back comb effect around the crown area. 


Organic Surge Tropical Bergamot Shower Gel

Having been obsessed with foamy shower gels and bath products, it's high time I tapped into the organic, kind of mature-bath product category. Recently, I've been quite enjoying using Organic Surge's Body Washes of which a huge collection I possess. I decided to give the latest one a shot which is tropical bergamot and perfect for Spring/Summer and I have to say, I'm more than impressed.

For the most eczema prone skin to generally taut, chapped and itchy skin, it helps sooth and calm such dry skin conditions with ease. I guess it helps that the formula is free from nasty soapy ingredients that can irritate even the toughest of skins. 

For all the foam lovers out there, this one's not for you as it doesn't create much lather at all. However, the absolutely delicious scent makes up for it in that department. The scent of this is uplifting, comforting yet energising and revitalising. It's a warm citrusy scent that isn't too sharp but neither too sweet. It's one of those modern candle scents that you get from Neom and you simply cannot stop lighting it. 

The overall result is soft, smooth and hydrated skin for hours. You don't have to immediately go running to replenish moisture levels with this one. Having said that, sealing in the moisture with a light lotion would be the best thing to do. For £4.35 for a generous 250ml tube, I simply cannot fault it and come Spring/Summer, you really need to switch up thick, creamy bath concoctions with such light, refreshing ones. 


Paula's Choice The Nude Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay is the only brand I trust when it comes to eye shadows. Of course there's your usual MAC, NARS and Bobbi Brown but when it comes to nude eye shadow palettes, there's only a few brands that can get it right the first time. I wouldn't even say Urban Decay did to be honest. I mean I have their original Naked Palette but only get the most use out of Naked Palette 3, hence my statement of getting it right the third time around. 

This time around, it's another nude palette we're talking about from cult favourite skincare brand namely Paula's Choice. Their decision to dive into make-up is really brave I have to admit. However the palette being designed with the help of one of my favourite YouTube Make-up Artists, Wayne Goss surely helps in giving it that stamp of approval. 

There are your typical 12 eye shadows in the palette, ranging from chocolate browns, coffee browns, biscuit, mink to all possible shades of beige and greys. I adore the fact that it's an all-matte palette with the exception of one pale shimmery shade that can be used to amp up the sparkle in any of these eye shadows or give the eye some depth and dimension. 

Texture wise, these are extremely pigmented on the very first swipe, velvety and smooth. No chalkiness or gritty texture detected. They go on to the eye in an airbrushed manner and look freaking fabulous. Just one problem with these is their ability to stay put or nicely said, longevity. Especially on my lids they start creasing after a few hours which can I just clarify, even happens with UD eye shadows without a primer underneath. 

If you've got a trusty old primer at hand, my current favourite is  KIKO Eye Base Primer, then you'll love this palette to bits. It's so gorgeous for creating a smoky eye or that Kristen Stewart Twilight barely-there eye shadow look or one of those runway cult-favourite, all-brown eye shadow look. 

The shade range for me is just perfect. None of the shades are unwearable and the textures are modern and light. Hell you can even fill in the brows and line the lash line with some of the shade offerings here. My verdict: Get it if other nude palettes were too metallic or unwearable for you.


KIKO Body Skin Glow Moisturising Cream

If you hate wearing body creams for Spring/Summer, this baby by KIKO is perfect to replenish moisture levels even in humid climates. First off, it comes beautifully packaged in a peachy, pink, satin finish tube which makes me want to flaunt it on my dresser. There's something with me and an attachment with using prettily packaged products. Tell me I'm not the only one? 

The cream is more of a lotion consistency where it's extremely fluid and spreads easily on the skin. When on the skin, it feels quite light weight which is a bonus for the hot months as the last thing I want is a heavy feeling, intense moisturising concoction. This is also great one if you like to moisturise skin just before putting on your brand new silks and crisp whites. Because it soaks up instantly, there's no unexpected patchy disasters to deal with. 

I can totally see this being a beach essential especially after developing a nice golden glow tan. It has shimmery particles, finely milled ones, that leave a radiant veil over the skin, one which would particularly look fabulous with a tan and help mimic healthy skin even if you've been slacking in the water consumption department.

Suitable for sensitive skin, paraben free and non comedogenic - there's no reason not to indulge in this glow getter this season. Currently on sale for £11.10 on KIKO's website, it's surely a steal.