My first try with co-washing: Macadamia Flawless Cleansing Conditioner

Air Dried Hair After Co-Washing

I had heard of co-washing before but thought it was just another trend that I could let pass by me. UNTIL, I came across this beauty from Macadamia. I've tried Macadamia's hair products before and they have always impresme. They are simplistically packaged and work to the point, frills free. 

This is their all in one cleansing conditioner, that promises to de-frizz unruly locks, inject just the right amount of hydration, smooth split ends, nourish the scalp and cleanse the hair. Did I think it would do all that on my tangled, thick, hot mess bunch called hair? Nope. I was surprisingly proven wrong as it worked freaking fantastically. 

Having never missed conditioner or shampoo in my hair wash ritual till date, I was quite excited to see how one could work without another. The cleansing conditioner is mousse like formula. I tried it out on hair that hadn't been washed from two-three days, giving it the ultimate test. The mousse like formula that hardly lathered was quite unusual to scrub through the scalp and initially didn't give me the satisfaction of cleansing my hair at all. 

I have to admit thought, the process is shortened by leaps and bounds as it's only one product you have to worry about. Great for holidays, gyms and long weekends.After letting the product sit in my hair for a good few minutes and an attempt to massage it into my locks, it was time to finally wash it off. I was obviously hoping to go in for another session with a real shampoo and conditioner but surprisingly enough, I didn't have too. 

Hair felt cleansed, hydrated and glossy. Drying time was also reduced by half somehow which I was quite pleased with as I tend to air dry my hair and usually have to wait ages. In fact the ends of my hair looked much healthier than usual and didn't even require any hair serums. I personally suffer from a very sensitive scalp that doesn't get along with most shampoos due to it's harsh soap content. This was kind and gentle to the skin on the scalp and did not cause any itching or sensitivity at all. 

A 90ml bottle retails for £7 and lasted me roughly 2 weeks with consistent use. I personally would use this for travel because it's incredibly light due to the mousse like formula, will not leak or spill in baggage and will avoid the hassle of stuffing in two hair products. Two thumbs up!

If I were rich...

We’ve all been there – dreamed about winning the lottery or having some mysterious great aunt leave us a huge inheritance. But what if your dreams came true and you did actually stumble on a huge fortune? Here are some of our ideas on how to be creative with your new found lifestyle. 

Plan your escape

Naturally, the first thing anybody wants to do when they fall on good times is plan a holiday, so you can start acknowledging all those luxury travel agents you’ve previously shrugged off in the past. If you’re looking for somewhere hot and embarrassingly expensive, head to Dubai or Fiji where you can join the ranks of some of the richest oil tycoons in the world.

Spot your yacht

Showing off to your friends is part and parcel of being wealthy, so why not give your boating skills a try by purchasing a yacht? These beautiful boats remain as fashionable today as they did when George Michael was cruising along to Careless Whisper, with Simon Cowell being noted as a big fan. They’ve come a long way technology-wise, too – some including spas and swimming pools, so you’ll always feel like you’re in holiday with a yacht.

Sleep on it

If you’re willing to flash the cash, you’ll want somebody who knows what they’re talking about, right? This goes for everything from holidays to furniture, so make sure you’re getting good quality. www.bedstar.co.uk have been a luxury bed supplier for more than 100 years so you can have your pick of the traditional four poster, Shakespeare-esque beds, or go more modern with a TV bed to really wow your guests.

Look a million dollars

With your bank balance enjoying being at an all time high, you can now afford to invest in some of the finer things in life, including a new wardrobe. Designer clothing that was previously unavailable to you can now be at your fingertips, from Armani to Gucci. Why not make creating your new look especially fun by taking an inspired trip to Bloomingdales in New York, or Italy’s fashion capital, Milan?

Taste the difference

Being a little richer can have an overwhelming effect on your style and material belongings, but you can also change your tastes too. Why not sample some of those gourmet foods you’ve always been dying to try, from lobster to caviar and foie gras? The Ritz in London offers a huge range of menus to suit your individual tastes and timescales, and you can rest assured its service and class are second to none.

What would you do if you won a lottery or inherited a fortune? Always worth a thought!

*In collaboration with Olivia Prat. BUT the far-fetched scenario is definitely close to my heart. 

New Hair for the New Season

Now that Spring's almost here and bouts of Summer are starting to crop through with surprising showers of sunshine every now and then, it's time to revamp those tresses and get ready for the new season. The warmer months bring along with them a tonne of fun festivals, days at the beach and exotic holidays abroad, which undoubtedly calls for a style swap when it comes to make-up, fashion and hair. 

The easiest way to revamp your hair for the sunny months is via a good old wash, cut and blow dry of course. Nothing beats the feeling of freshly cut hair that looks voluminous and feels bouncy when straight out of the salon. Ditch those layers and feathers and opt for a same length haircut that feels modern and looks runway inspired. For a more interesting touch, opt for some wispy front fringes to switch things up a little or a dash of sun kissed, pastel colour shot through the tresses for a boho-chic look. Whether you have Indian, Brazilian or Afro hair, it's easy to incorporate a variety of hair cuts, styles and colours these days via extensions and weaves, so all you need is a trusty hairdresser. Find afro salon reviews at noscrunchie.com

If you're someone who doesn't want to deal with the hassle of artificial extensions or weaves, then 'au naturale' hair can be salon treated to give you a good hair day, everyday. From Brazilian Blow Dry's, Keratin Treatments to hair relaxing treatments, it's never been easier to alter the texture of your locks. These treatments of course contain chemicals which means you'll need to take extra care of your hair after but as long as you've chosen a great salon to do the job for you, the after care is half done! These hair relaxing treatments can be a huge plus to get done in the warmer months when humidity and unexpected rain can easily turn your hair into a frizz ball in no time. 

Hair styles are also a low maintenance and convenient way of revamping your tresses for Spring/Summer. Switch up your hair style to a low, slicked back ponytail or a textured top knot to emphasise a change in your look minus any long term commitment. Temporary hair dyes available in a vast array of shades also allow experimenting with colours before you bite the bullet and opt for a permanent one. 

Whatever route you choose to spice up your hair for the new season, do check out salon reviews at noscrunchie.com and share your salon experiences, both good and bad. 


NEW! Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm

I am the pickiest person in the world when it comes to lip products hence you'll hardly find them featured on the blog and if you do, then they must have gone through an extreme amount of scrutiny. My kind of lip product's need to be slightly glossy, moderately hydrating and wear off nicely. They cannot exaggerate dry areas on the lips, feather, smear, look patchy or be overtly high maintenance or pigmented. Personally, I am not a fan of full-on lips. Unless it's the evening and I'm headed off to somewhere special. Besides that, almost 98% of the time, I like to wear a variety of shades but fulfilling the sheer, barely-there-tint criteria. 

We all know how great Burt's Bees lip balms are in the first place. I've tried a few from them before but I have to say this newly introduced tinted variety has won me over. It's hands down the best they have done till date. The formula remains to be just as hydrating and nourishing but with the added bonus of my-lips-but-better coverage. I naturally have vampire lips, where I look absolutely drained out and resembling a cold blooded fictional creature. These lip balms add a much needed hint of warmth that make me look instantly alive. 

Both the shades, Hibiscus and Rose are very slightly different but are so gorgeous when worn. One's slightly pink toned and one's a coral, terracotta colour and they compliment my olive skintone so well. Some cool toned shades can make me look washed out but these are just perfect. The finish of these is glossy and hydrating but in a natural manner. You can definitely build it up for a more intense colour and gloss. 

I know chubby sticks have massively taken over the lip market by a storm but sometimes it's good to back to basics and find comfort in using a good old tinted lip balm. The best thing about going traditional is that you know it's going to work. 


Models Own Polish For Tans

You can only trust Models Own for bringing out such out of this world, wacky shades of nail paints that are still wearable. I love that they have called this Polish for Tans, such a great name for Spring/Summer when you want your nails to compliment your tan. Having said that, this would look equally good on pale skin, but I have to admit, it best suits bronzed up skin tones being flaunted in the sun. A holiday must-have! 

I believe they have a total of 5 shades in the collection but these three are undoubtedly my favourite. You have a gorgeous pastel yellow, a bright neon lime green and a bright neon pastel peach. Neon's and pastels have been all over the runway this season and it's amazing how Models Own have cleverly created shades that reflect both trends. 

Beach bag is a peachy coral one and is my absolutely favourite. It looks great with chiffon skirts and maxis. The other two namely Flip Flop and Bikini look great paired with black jumpsuits, floral skater dresses and pale kimonos. They are superbly opaque however two coats look best. They dry quickly if you finish it off with one of those speedy dry top coats and their longevity is amazing too. If you're looking to revamp your nail paint collection for the sunny months, then you have to get your hands on these stunners.