Nicky Clarke Desired Rapid Heat Roller System

This is such a cool invention! I mean can you imagine carrying your big box full of heated rollers with you on holiday? I cannot seem to store it properly in my dinky room let alone toss it in my already crammed, overpacked travel bag. 

This clever system on the other hand resembling a gaming joystick from the 90's is here to make va-va-voom curls on the go, simple for us. Instead of the entire box of rollers that gets heated, you can heat up individual rollers one by one, as and when you need them. 

The entire process is shortened considering that it only takes 30 seconds for each roller to heat up before you can plonk it in your tresses. I personally am rubbish with roller placement so 30 seconds is in fact less than enough for me to get it sitting perfectly around the crown area. 

So basically next time you travel, you only have to take the base unit with you, a few rollers and glamorous hair issues will be sorted! The set comes with 6 rollers in different sizes and a tonnes of pins to hold them into place. The rollers have a nice, velvety finish to them and they are kind to the skin and scalp. No tugging, pulling or burning. 

This is also perfect if you only want to add volume around the crown area. Simply heat up three rollers and place them in a row on the top for a Cheryl Cole like bounce. Retailing around the £80 mark, it's slightly pricey but considering how it's significantly less bulky compared to it's counterparts, it makes it worth the price. 


Sponsored Video: Triumph Stand Up For Fit‏

How often have you been under confident due to an ill fitted bra? It's an evening out ruining element for sure when a bra doesn't fit well, flaunt back fat instead of abs and tugs and pulls. It's meant to bring out the best in you by making you feel super confident and help shape and contour your body in the most flattering manner. But how many of us actually get ourselves correctly fitted at lingerie stores, let alone invest in good quality lingerie every year? Not quite you see.

As a part of Triumph's research, women spend a mere £88 on lingerie as opposed to a whopping £400 on shoes per year. Also, 30% of women had never gotten themselves professionally fitted for lingerie and 73% of women admitted to poorly fitted lingerie affecting their performance at work. Ouch!

I quite like Triumph's attempt to flag up the need to educate women worldwide on the importance of wearing correct under garments for your body type and to help with posture, shoulder aches and back problems. All to celebrate the glorious bra's 100th anniversary! You can find tonnes of helpful advise, guidance and styling tips on their website on the matter and Triumph are also providing in store support to get women correctly fitted as a part of their Stand Up For Fit campaign, with a mission to fit 100,000 women worldwide. 

So ladies, lets stop ignoring these everyday bra wiggling dilemmas and finally fit into some under wear that strikes the perfect balance between snug, sexy and airy. Now that the wedding season is here, same applies to shapewear as well. Too tight is only going to prevent you from eating anything on your special day and sweating quite unglamorously. Opt for something that acts as a quick inch loss tool but at the same time allows you to enjoy the festivities with just as much ease as you would without it.

Share you stories, tips or advice with the hashtag #standupforfit on twitter. Happy fitting!

*Post sponsored by Triumph. 


Coloured Leather Handbags - Holiday & Festival Style Staple!

There's something about coloured leather that screams out 'fashion' and 'celebrity' to me like no other. Trends come and go but coloured leather always makes an appearance in different cluster of shades every year. This year, it's all about pastel and neon of course. From glossy patent leather pencil skirts, A line dresses, to minimalistic leather sleeves and leather cut out boots, the lush fabric is doing the fashion industry rounds like there's no tomorrow. 

For me personally, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Katy Perry seem to rock coloured leather the best. It's no surprise that the ladies like themselves some loud numbers but coloured leather is best when worn full-on isn't it? If you're not as brave as the paparazzi mobbed ladies and a somewhat demure fashionista trying to make a style statement in the comfort of your train carriage on commute to work, then coloured leather handbags are just perfect to make an impact. There's something about leather that shines through even more when it's coloured. The texture looks richer and the material appears more high definition. Then there's glossy, mock croc and ostrich print to choose from when it comes to variety in coloured leather. 

Above are my favourite coloured leather handbags if you're looking for some arm candy inspiration. I had to include a grey and tan style staple for those who love their neutrals. My personal favourite is indigo blue or mint green leather. It's just so effortlessly stylish and uber cool. As for the brave in the fashion clan out there, orange is a hot colour for Spring/Summer. These would look great paired with skirts, maxis and playsuits. Aah Summer, just never go away will you? I need to plan a holiday soon so I can flaunt such stuff at the beach whilst doing absolutely nothing - the life

Indeed Labs Facial Powdered Exfoliator

I for the life of me hate Powder Exfoliators. There's something so technical yet gimmicky about them that never just sold it completely to me. I know Dermalogica does one called Microfoliant and although I've tried the cult favourite product, it just never really seemed to make a huge difference to my skin. 

This on the other hand is a different story. So it's a powder exfoliator that turns creamy and paste like when in contact with water and turns into a fun to work with texture that is pleasant on the skin. It's not abrasive at all and I have this pesky habit of rubbing skincare harshly onto the skin and yet this doesn't seem to feel harsh at all. What I particularly love about it is how it does not leave skin stripped of moisture. We all know how that can trigger excess oil production and that's the last thing we want. Skin feels comfortable and hydrated after use. 

Containing all the super ingredients, it's the only exfoliator you need in your skincare collection if you like scruby, traditional exfoliators and don't seem to get satisfaction out of using those glycolic peels. I tend to use it every other day due to it's non scratchy yet brightening formula that delivers bright, radiant skin after every use. It's truly a modern day exfoliator is what I'm happy to report. 

Unlike other powder exfoliators I've tried before, this potent formula truly delivers. Being a fan of Indeed Labs skincare range, it was quite easy to love this really. The brand has never disappointed till date. Retailing for just under £20, it's a good investment considering the powder formula will last you pretty long.

If you're looking for this pick-me-up product that leaves skin soft and smooth, helps with acne scars and pigmentation, lends a helping hand in the anti-ageing department and brightens skin as well, this is the product that needs to hit your shopping basket! 


Looking for a Professional Wedding Photographer?

Amongst things like booking a venue, arranging catering, to sending out invites and selecting your perfect bridal dress, looking for a dream wedding photographer can also add up to these challenging wedding tasks. I have only helped out a friend once in sourcing a wedding photographer and because they were all over the place online and there wasn't really one portal where I could find them all, it was such a tediously messy task. As expected, we ended up with an amateur person who didn't quite deliver a sterling job as we expected. Till today, we as friends are moaning over how the pictures didn't turn out as well and can't believe that's become a memory that will stay for life.

Thankfully, an online portal namely Photographers 24/7 have made this task a whole lot easier. They have bought together tonnes of photographers and try to connect them to clients in need of them. I had go with the system myself and it's quite simply really. You request a quote stating some details like number of hours you require a photographer for, your location, budget, photography type and so on and in a matter of minutes, you'll start receiving quotes from photographers who have registered to the website and are interested in your job. As you have a chance to browse through the photographers portfolio and scan through their feedback on the website, it further helps in making the right choice.

Although I am suggesting you ladies check out the website for wedding photography quotes, the website flaunts of professional photographers from various different fields such as travel, fashion, product, commercial photography and so on in case you're ever in charge of arranging photographers as a part of your job at work. As for wedding photographers, the key is to build a good rapport with them and ensure you click as a team. They should understand your brief and you should be comfortable with their style of work, only then will you achieve desired results. I highly suggest picking up the phone and giving your potential photographer a call, just to make sure they are perfect for your task. Also keep in mind your photography location and ensure the photographer is local. Of course most may be willing to travel but it's convenient on both sides if the travel part is slashed out of the situation altogether.

What's fabulous is that the service is free and you won't be under an obligation to go forward with any of the quotes unless you're truly happy with them. You also won't have to give out contact details if you don't want to and can chat via the website's messaging board.

Oh and if you are a budding or established photographer and want to increase your chances of being noticed, gain more photography work with Photographers 24/7. Simply register on their website for a minimal fee, upload your work, slot in your details and voila, start receiving quote requests in no time. It's a win-win situation for all isn't it?


KIKO Life In Rio Collection

I love it when brands experiment with bright colours for Spring/Summer. By bright I really don't mean Sleek or Illamasqua bright, which, no offence I personally find a little unwearable for my taste. When I say bright and vivid, I mean colourful make-up but in rich, luscious, soft and creamy textures. Ones that glide on like a dream so you don't even have to think twice before wearing them. Formulas that are modern and flaunt worthy, not tackily frosty that I'd be afraid to smear them on my face. KIKO as usual, is one of the brands that knows how to do it's bright colours well and it's Life in Rio collection is no exception. 

Everything from their eye crayons, liquid eye liners, nail paints, lipsticks and blushers have flawless formulations that I couldn't dissect and point a finger towards. Especially when you glance at their price point, it seems like a deal that's too good to be true. Kudos to KIKO for also keeping the packaging looking lush and chic. Bargain high street brands can sometimes compromise with packaging by promising a great formulation but I simply love how the glossy gold touch here makes it reminiscent of YSL and Estee Lauder. 

There is nothing skippable in the collection besides the odd nail paint if you're not a huge fan of frosty, metallic shades. However, I have to say these would look fabulous paired with a tan on an exotic holiday. The bronzer and blusher smell like chocolate caramel and are super silky and light weight. Perfect dupes for those mineralise MAC blushers and bronzers. The eye crayons are unbelievably pigmented and make the eyes glimmer instantly. The liquid eye liners are ditto and do not budge. As for the lipsticks, the texture is scrumptiously glossy and hydrating and the packaging can give YSL's rouge volupte a run for their money. 

The innovative double sided brush, with one end for foundation and one end for blusher/bronzer is ingenious and well made. On the whole, whether it's a festival you're planning to head over to or a beach holiday this season, this collection you simply cannot miss.