Gazelli Volcanic Mud Revitalising Mineral Mask

This is the new generation of Mud Masks. No more mud like appearance on the skin, no more scrubbing your skin until your face falls out to get rid of it and no more of that pesky, unbearable tightness that gives you a quick glimpse of your face if you would have opted for Botox. The mask is so light in formula and spreads like a dream. It's smells amazingly lush and that's one of the reasons why I slap this baby on a couple of times a week. 

Gazelli is a luxury brand at Urban Retreat and does some wonderful selection of skincare that I've had my eyes on since a while. They don't seem atrociously pricey and as I'm particularly impressed by their face mask, I might give another one a go. Always being sceptical to try out a 'volcanic mud mask', this was quite a relief as the formula is modern, fresh and clean to apply. I absolutely dread applying mud masks that suck moisture out of the skin. No point as I'll have to replenish that minutes after. 

This on the other hand leaves skin almost brand new looking after use. I always feel I look a couple of shades lighter after use as it may be working hard at skin cell renewal and non-abrasive exfoliation. It's anti-bacterial and all that jazz, making it a perfect one to resort to come acne. Containing fruit acids and collagen, it's also one to tap into anti-ageing benefits, which is always welcome isn't it?

If you're looking to invest in an effective face mask for Spring/Summer, that gives a little detox, replenishes nutrients and reinstates that much needed glow, then this is surely worth a try. Albeit a little steeply priced at £40, it's worth every penny to keep skin in sterling condition in the warmer months. 



Lush Let the good times roll Face & Body Cleanser

This product smells terrific! I am always this close to sticking my tongue in and having a taste. It's the most uniquely interesting cleaner that I've every come across. Instead of staying safely in the cleanser criteria, it rebelliously leaves a film of moisture on the skin after use, does not completely remove make-up and has a warming feeling when it touches the skin. After taking me a while to figure out it's rebellious genes, I got used to what to expect after a cleansing session and I have to say I'm loving it.

Quite a nice one to resort to on mornings when skin feels flaky, chapped. prune like and about to fall off. The last thing you want is to use a cooling, clay based cleanser that will only dry it out more. Delivering it's hydrating benefits just right, it's a great one for those with dry, normal, combination/dehydrated skin types. One should see it as a seasonal cleanser in the skincare wardrobe as it's definitely not something to use every single day, non stop. I only say that as it can be a little abrasive due to it's exfoliation qualities. I am yet to try it on the arms and legs but I can tell it would do a great job on getting those knees and elbows to look brighter. 

The texture of it is like cookie dough quite frankly (need to stop food references don't I?) and you only need a little amount to get the rich potion to spread across your face. This leads me to think that the jar will last absolutely ages, unless it goes bad or something as it's all natural ingredients. Although strictly not designed for oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin, it's a clever one for thirsty skin days. Oh and if I have made it sound extremely rich in texture, that's not the case as it hasn't broken me out weeks after use. 



Claudia Louch Hydrating Mango Face Cream

Claudia Louch specialises in holistically treating skin conditions from her Harley Street Clinic in London and has a tonne of industry credentials to her name. Hence a skincare line by her surely got me excited. With tonnes of skincare brands cropping up these days, not even a quarter of them are backed by industry professionals who actually know their science well so it always catches my eye when a brand is represented by a skincare brainbox like Claudia.

The face cream contains Mango Butter of course alongside other interesting ingredients such as Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and all that food-for-skin stuff. The thick, rich concoction is a godsend for dry skin that's usually itchy, uncomfortably taut after cleansing. It immediately forms a blanket of hydration over the skin, which stays put for hours to keep it undisturbed from environmental aggressors. No reapplication? I like!

If wrinkles are your major skin issue then it contains the oh so popular hyaluronic acid to lend you a helping hand in the skin plumping department. All this sounds too good to be true for use on combination-dehydrated skin types isn't it? Thankfully, as the product is non-comedogenic, it doesn't block pores inspite of it's thick, luxe texture. The formula is a win-win situation for my skin that's oily during the day and parched for moisture during the evenings even in the warmer months. 

The face cream feels slightly warm on application and very slightly tacky on the skin for the first few minutes, after which the 'freshly applied' feel of it it gradually disappears. Claudia Louch's Hydrating Mango Face Cream is my evening essential as I wouldn't waste the beaut by applying a layer of make-up on top of it. 

Retailing at £61.50, you get every penny worth of opulence that you'd desire out of a high end skincare product. From the absolutely stunning looking, square black bottle with a sleek pump dispenser to an easy to love formula, it doesn't disappoint. 



The MOST popular celebrity handbag ever?

From trend setters such as Rachel Zoe, Victoria Beckham to rock stars like Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora, Lady Gaga to paparazzi favourites such as Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss to effortless fashionista's like Katie Holmes to Nicole Richie - there has always been this one particular leather handbag in common since almost a decade of style spotting. 

Firm structure, just the right amount of slouch, short handles, gold detailing, a statement lock and a tassel is how I can best describe this celebrity favourite arm candy. Some celebs prefer it with ostrich detailing, a mock croc effect, gloss or matte but the overall aura of the luxurious, elite looking, all-in-one hoarder remains parallel to any new leather handbag designs that may crop up. There's something so timeless about it that makes it appear classic and never outdated. Also the ability to style it on diverse outfits from short shorts to an evening gown make it nonetheless more appealing. 

Personally, I am in awe of Kate Moss throwing on the bag with that mini skirt, tank top and a baby in her arm whilst still making the bag feel at home. I guess only a supermodel can pull it off that effortlessly eh? Although Nicole Richie's attempt to team it up with those leggings and striped tee after a session at the gym is my least favourite way to sport the bag but nonetheless, if it's roomy enough and you've invested in a neutral colour, might as well give it a ride to the gym!

As for Victoria Beckham, don't you just love how she likes a bit of a colour when it comes to this celeb favourite leather handbag? Surely a huge collection the former spice girl has. Quite a good approach for Spring/Summer, it's the perfect way to match it with the outfit or go all out and contrast it drastically. Reds and Pinks would look stunning with a white outfit to attend a Summer wedding. But ultimately, I'd like to dress like Rita Ora or Jeniffer Lopez (one can wish!) to pull off this cult-favourite arm candy. Although drastically different, in Rita's case the the fur and the leather just add to the opulence. Whereas J Lo plays it city chic and the tan and white combination cannot be faulted. 

With designer leather handbags of this sort retailing for a couple of thousand pounds, it may not be the very first thing on the wish-list for many fashionista's, student loan or not. Thankfully, Vanilla Paris have a fantastic collection of similar leather handbags that retail around £100 and can easily make a home in your wardrobe without making a dent in your wallet. Check them out at vanilla-paris.co.uk.